Thursday, March 28, 2013

McClain Sullivan
Interview by Chris Koppers. Images/song courtesy of McClain Sullivan

Where do you see the roots of your music?

My music is deeply rooted in Jazz. My father constantly had a jazz record on when I was a kid, and though at the time I didn't fully understand it, the music itself felt like home.

What are your plans for 2013?

So far this year has been amazing. I've found a new full band, and am putting out my first full length at the end of the year. Shows keep popping up in New York, and I'm just trying to keep it all balanced. So basically...super stardom.

How would you see music? Please pick one and explain your choice.

a) a remedy.
b) perfect media to meet new people.
c) my true passion.

C. I truly can't imagine my world without singing. It has been the one constant in my life, and no matter how frustrating the business has been, music has never let me down. I wake up thinking about it, and love every second of it. 

McClain's song "Happy Anniversary"

What do you love most while performing?

It's this insane high. I've always been a tad socially awkward, but on stage I feel so comfortable. I could live up there.

How did music change your life?

Ha, it's hard to think how music didn't change my life.
Let's just say I was a bit of a "bad kid", and music kept me focused. Music determined where I went after school, it changed my career, it ended relationships, it started them, it put me in front of thousands of people, and at times made me feel completely alone. I think music has been my life from the beginning.

How important is online marketing/social media-networking for you?

Ack, it's so important. Frustratingly important. I never thought when I picked this career that I would have be good with computers. I always say now that promoting a show online is like having a birthday every week, you end up thinking "I hope people like me!"

What kind of venue do you prefer? 

When you have been performing for this long it come down to two things. Do you have a stage, and how angry is your sound man?

How would you describe your music, your style to someone who has not heard of you yet?

Soul Music is what I am currently rolling with. It's the biggest box I can put myself in :)

What is your favorite song?

Gigantic by the Pixies. Wow, I didn't think that would be an easy one, but boom, there ya go.

Where can we find and purchase your music?

You can get all of my music currently for free on
I know, mind blown.


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That's nice. I love the idea with the video. Easy and informative.

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what a singer! i love the combo of super smart lyrics and playfulness with jazz and the r and b-ness. she is something totally original and gotta be a superstar!

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