Thursday, December 13, 2012

Danielle Miraglia
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Todd Lehmann (top) and Claire Folger (bottom)

Her passionate music appeared with the song "See the light" and it captured my attention. Danielle got a fully loaded portfolio that indulges your senses. 

It is a true pleasure for getting some time with Danielle for a free spoken interview!

What was/is your main motivation for composing your music?

The short answer is impulse. When I first started writing music regularly, there was no plan and I never consciously said, I'm going to write music. I was writing a ton of bad breakup induced poetry. I had just graduated from Emerson College for Creative Writing, but had put my guitar down...

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Die Nasties
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of The Die Nasties

Katie Kerkhover, Tim Craven, Michael Blakemore, and Andy Grooms are The Die Nasties from Nashville, TN. 

It is about damn time to learn more about this outstanding band that combines punk rock with a whiff of pop diva vocals.

Can you pick one of your songs that is able to describe you best (your performance)?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jillian Ann
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Jillian Ann

Jillian's home is called media. She makes an impact, even outside the music business. 
She supports human and animal rights and she persues her vision. 

Please welcome the adorable Jillian:

Where do you see yourself in today's music world?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Control The Storm
Interview by Chris Koppers/images and mp3 courtesy of CTS

Passionate and unfiltered, please welcome Control The Storm from the UK. 

Gareth Arlett, the man who controls the drums, had some moments to tell us more about Control The Storm. 

"As for our plans for the future.........up until the end of 2012, as you can see from the biography, we are really busy with live shows across the UK and we are hoping to continue this well into 2013.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jess King
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Jess King

Please welcome the amazing Jess with her sultry voice that will captivate all your senses within a second. My rating scheme gives her 8 stars (0 - 5 stars), because of her entire performance. 

Jess had some moments to share with us:

What are your impressions of your current tour in Paris?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Erin Ivey
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Erin Ivey

Smashing hits like "Sorrow no more", "Sing out", "Chocolate" and many, many more will bring you to one charming lady: Erin Ivey

Erin had some minutes for sharing her world with us:

You certainly hear that numerous times a day, but your songs are like a bomb. An incredible voice with smooth tunes.
How would you describe your style within the music industry? Have you found your niche/destination? Or do you still look for your spot in the world of music?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crankbox-music highly recommends:

The fabulous
Jess King will perform at Webster Hall in NYC on Thursday, January 3, 2013: starting around 9pm. 

Gerry Sung on cello.
Andra Voldins Dix on viola.
Rohin Khemani on drums.

Get your tickets NOW:

This dreamy event will be presented by Big Mountain Entertainment.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Zoe Ann
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Zoe Ann

Zoe is an exceptional singer/songwriter from Dallas and she has been reigning the Indie charts for a certain time, but wait...there is more to tell - her musical journey will undauntedly follow the next higher level. 

Please tell us somewhat about your latest and bombastic release " Better Than Revenge"? 

My latest single 'Better Than Revenge' and my just released EP 'Zoe Ann' were very important for me to write. I wrote those songs while recovering from a very difficult year. I was going through some really tough things, and it came out in my writing. The music on this EP comes from the heart. And I love performing it, and sharing my thoughts with my audience.

According to your current schedule, you have some gigs in Texas. What venues will you hit in the near future? 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jordan Corey
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Jordan Corey

Jordan got what it takes. She delivers the finest Indie/Soul/rock tunes in town!

Please learn more about her outstanding music:

What is your current project for the upcoming months?

In the upcoming months I am gigging like a madwoman. Playing all around LA & the Southern California area rockin out & promoting my album, "Do Me Wrong". I also JUST (literally just) got out of the studio cutting my second EP, which I am incredibly excited about!

How would you describe your style? What are the key elements for your music?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Val Halla
Story and interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Val Halla

Val conquered the musical territory from her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. At the age of 17, Val’s determination led her to Vancouver, British Columbia. For this time period, she was in hot pursuit of getting her music next level. Val’s incredible talent was printed in several well known music magazines. Endorsed by hard-hitting, high-velocity success, she continued her way and opted to return to Regina – where she started touring all over Canada and the United States.

Val is that kind of a musician who actually lives, in that case, her latest release ‘No Place’ – she is constantly on the road or being on stage – for her fans and for her music. Val is an authentic and frisky young lady with a passionate thrill to perform her music. 

She embodies two genres: Grunge and Country. Her style may invented the new vernacular
a la “Gruntry”.

Val had some time for an interview for crankbox-music.

Your guitar teacher had a huge impact regarding your musical skills. How was it, back in the days, when you were taught to play guitar?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Carly Jo Jackson
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Carly Jo Jackson

Dedicated to music? The full program? Songs with the whole range of emotions? Your choice should be Carly Jo with her passionate music. 

Carly Jo tells us about her thoughts behind the songs she composes, she reveals what she likes most when entering the stage, and what destination she opts for time traveling - no worries, there is more to tell. This interview covers it all.

Can you tell us somewhat about your songs "wildflower" and "just another game"?
What are stories behind them (composing lyrics, the making of process, etc.)?

The whole creation process of my two songs Just Another Game and Wildflower were so different and as a result they have a completely different feel.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lauren Lucas
Interview by Chris Koppers/image courtesy of Lauren Lucas

I noticed Lauren and her exceptional talent on youtube:

My short 5-question-interview should provide you all the essential information about her remarkable music. 

What are you working on right now?

At the moment, I am concentrating on writing for other artists and touring to support my latest project, On With the Show. I am a staff writer for a publishing company called Eleven Eleven Music Group, so I feel really lucky to have a day job where I get to write songs.

Your voice is pretty remarkable. I would say block-busting. How would you define your music? What are the key elements?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shastina Eloff
Interview by Chris Koppers

Please welcome one of Hollywood's shooting stars on crankbox-music - Shastina.
Please ensure you get the hottest news on your plate by reading the interview: 

"Boy toy" is your first single. Can you tell us somewhat about the making of?

Was it a thrilling moment for you seeing it available for everyone?

The making of Boy Toy was difficult. This was my very first time being in a studio. I didn’t know the language I didn’t understand the difference between live singing and studio singing. And I didn’t like resigning the same line over and over. I was very frustrated. Studio Timing was difficult for me to pick up on. All in all I was excited when I was done and the song was finished. Then I waited weeks for it to be on iTunes, and then it was…and just like every artist you think BAM its iTunes watch it sell. It was then I realized all the hard work I had in front of me…

What is your current project?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Darling Parade
Interview by Chris Koppers/image courtesy of Darling Parade

Pop/Rock from Nashville, TN?
A female fronted group with cool sounds? Your quest will end here.
Darling Parade got what you need to please your music player and the folks around it. 

Kristin of Darling Parade had some moments for us:

Darling Parade, a Rock/Pop band from Nashville, TN. What can I expect from you as soon as I participate one of your gigs? 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kristy Lynn

Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Kristy Lynn

Determined to make her dreams come true, Kristy simply converts her dreams into reality. The physical outcome is "Dream" - a dreamy album.

Please learn more about her mission, her first music video, and what might happen in 2015 with her: 
Can you tell us somewhat about your recent release 'Dream'? How much fun was involved?

The recent "Dream" Album was a demo CD made in Nashville TN at Omnisound studio in the year 2009, My most recent is a single that my mom and I wrote about my. Uncle Doug he is an amazing man who survived a 18 wheeler wreck . He lost his eyes and 1 leg also hearing in 1 ear . This is a man I look up to he is a star in my eyes.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mila Falls
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Mila Falls

Mila comes up with some fresh air for the music industry. She was the one who supported Ringo Starr and his tour. She is the one who is ready to be the first musician performing on the moon. Please welcome Mila on crankbox-music and please learn more about the phenomenal Mila:

What is it that you are working on right now? Please tell us something about the essentials of your debut album. What can we expect?

The album is going to be MAGIC! The album takes you on journey through POP, from dance floor hits to pop-stompers. The producers I’ve worked with on the project have previously worked alongside some pop legends including Tinie Tempah, Britney Spears and Outkast! As an aside (just so you know) all the producers on the album have earned themselves Grammies for their previous’s hoping ;)!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Renée Wahl - Wild Living
Interview by Chris Koppers

Renée follows an unconventional and powerful path of Alternative Country/Roots music. 

Renée shared some of her thoughts with crankbox-music:

You are currently working on your latest and greatest album "Wild Living" and we would like to learn more about it. Are you able to tell us about the songs, the making of process, and your personal impressions?
Why did you name your upcoming album Wild Living?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jasmine Cain - "Modern Day Gypsy" out now!
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Jasmine Cain

Jasmine is a true talent, but moreover, she got the "never stop" attitude. 
She provides "Rock 'n' Roll for the gypsy soul" on the highest level. 

Learn more about her style, her outstanding music, and her mission: 

So far, you have released three albums. Is there a particular album you love most?
What can we expect in the near future?

The NowhereNauts
Interview by Chris Koppers/images and video courtesy of The NowhereNauts

Another gem from New York City: The NowhereNauts are about to launch their latest release "Warned you". 

Get the full story here and learn more about the magic behind the amazing band:

How would you describe your upcoming release "Warned you"? What are the specials?

Anders: Our upcoming release is loud, fast, and raw, yet melodic, lush, and 
sweet all at the same time. The album really came together; we had an awesome team working with us to gather everything sounding exactly the way we wanted it to. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Becky Kelley
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Becky Kelly

Slamming into the music scene, Becky pleased millions of youtube viewers with her song "Where's the line to see Jesus".

Please learn more about Becky, the exceptional music artist:

Can you tell us something about your new release? I was told you would like to produce some music videos pretty soon. What can we expect?

Yes, we are in the beginning talks of shooting a video for "Send an Angel". It's definitely one of my favorites off the new album. We will be using the same team who shot "Where's the Line to See Jesus", so I'm excited to see what they come up with.

How would you describe your style from the early beginning until now?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cassandra Kubinski - new releases!
Special announcement by Chris Koppers

Our lovely Cassandra is known for composing stunning tracks for your home entertainment system  - I am very pleased to proclaim the latest news of her upcoming album (it will be out in a couple of weeks):

The single "Just being myself" is available now. 

JBM single:

Moreover, there is a remix of that song, too. 

Do not hesitate and treat yourself like royalty by getting a copy of her single. 

C Donte - the interview
by Chris Koppers

Who is that energic guy with a guitar? There can be just one answer. It is C Donte with the ability to mesmerize his audience. The New Jersey native can be seen on stages and in some major TV commercials. 

for more imformation.

C Donte had some moments for an interview

You have been performing your music for a while now. What was the "trigger" for your career? Who supported you?

My trigger was definitely just the love for the "arts." I grew up around it with my dad, Ted Wizard Mills, lead singer of "Blue Magic." The biggest supporters have been my mom and Ted Wizard Mills, hands down! They put me in this industry at a very young age and I embraced it.

What do you like best about being a musician?
Ashley Forrest
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Ashley Forrest

Please welcome Ashley with her latest release "Pourin' over me".

The charismatic young lady comes along with brand-new material that will beguile your senses. 

Ashley tells us about her current projects, her sweetest moments on stage, and she talks about what will occur in 2014.

What is your current project?

I’m busy working with my band leader Lee Jordan as we prepare for our premiere band performance in November. Plus, I’m in the middle of the national release for my single Pourin’ Over Me, that is being distributed by GMV Nashville on the Truro Entertainment Group label.

What is your favorite song you have performed so far?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The attic ends
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of The Attic Ends

Samantha, Pete, Jan, and Bob built up an Indie Rock formation from Brooklyn, NY.
They produce a soulful/genuine vibe and you should not wonder yourself listening to that great music for numerous hours a day. 

Please enjoy the interview with the entire band:

Your music video "Home" rocks. How was the processing for the video making? How much fun was involved?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Love Assassin 
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy by Love Assassin

Love Assassin is a frolic rock band from NJ and one of the coolest live acts in town. 

Dan Avery, the lead singer of Love Assassin, had some moments to share his thoughts. 

He tells us why sweat-proof suits are wanted, why the song "Mr. Carsons" is that important, and why Love Assassin falls in love with standing rooms.

How would you describe your last gigs?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our new series for getting a "behind the scenes" perspective. 
The first episode deals with Larissa Ness and her song "Dream it".
Larissa tells us about the making of-story. 

Larissa Ness - Dream it

"Dream It" was actually a super fun, laid back experience. ...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heidi Little - the interview
by Chris Koppers/Image courtesy of Heidi Little

Heidi is an exceptional and down-to-earth musician with classy tunes such as "Butterfly", "Shine", "The way" and many more. 

Heidi has some time for an interview. Learn more about her skills,  her message, and encounter her infinite cheerfulness:

You wrote your first song in 1995 and since then you have been providing your message of love.
How would you describe your process from 1995 until now?

I write everyday, and live in absolute service to the delivery of the message.
What is your current mission? My current mission is to sing as beautiful as I can, while promoting the best in people, love, harmony, peace and beauty through music, lyric and stage performance.

You have performed for Prince Charles and Prince Edward? Can you tell us the story behind it?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Allison Scola
Interview by Chris Koppers
Images courtesy of Allison Scola

Allison creates joyful music and it is a true pleasure to see her performing this kind of delightful music. 

Please welcome Allison to crankbox-music. Allison shares some thoughts with us:

What is moving your heart right now? It is something/one you would like to use as an inspiration for your songs?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lisa Bianco - Momentum
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Lisa Bianco

Just coming back from a tour on Italian soil, the exceptional Lisa had some moments for an interview on crankbox-music:

How was your recent tour in Italy?

I was great! Fantastico! European fans are extra special. They appreciate new music so much. I assume it its because not a lot of independent and new music from the states comes through Europe as much. So when you come around they treat you so well. I love Italy. Some of my family is here and I try to come every year. I meet many fans and make friends in my travels. A lot of good times over wine and food.

Your "Momentum" release offers brilliant songs. Let us take "Erase you", for instance - How was the first stage for composing this song? Where did you get the inspiration from?

Karyn Ellis

Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Karyn Ellis

I noted Karyn's musical skills with her video "Bitter Grasses "
and many folks of my readership know Karyn and my humble person got something in common: using a Rolleiflex camera. 

Karyn tells us somewaht about "Hey little bird" - the early days of her career, her sources of inspiration, her current and future plans, and why "somebody that I used to know" can be found right here in our lovely interview.

You participated in a song contest when you were nine – and you left
the spot with the first prize in hands. Did the song (and its success)
“Hey little bird” also pave your way into “I want to step into the
music business” phase?

Shannon Labrie 
Interview by Chris Koppers
Images courtesy of 
Shannon LaBrie

Shannon's soulful voice comes along with a wide range of melodies with a sky high entertainment factor. 

I am thrilled to share Shannon's interview with you:

What has been the inspiration behind your songs and songwriting?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Andi Silvas - Poor man's daughter
Story and interview by Chris Koppers
Images courtesy by Andi Silvas.

Andi is a gorgeous looking lady with a very, very sultry voice and she has some time to tell more about her business, the mission behind "Poor man's daughter", her music in general, and why cereals play a vital role in her life.

Please tell us somewhat about your upcoming release "Poor Man's Daughter". What can be expected?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Erika Morgengrau - the interview by Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Erika Morgengrau.

Hailing from Austin, TX, the band named Morgengrau serves you the finest tunes of classic Death Metal. 

Erika had some moments to share.

--- The interview ---

Who had the idea for the band's name? Morgengrau sounds German. Would you be pleased to perform your music in Germany someday?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Becky Baldwin - Control the storm

Story and interview by Chris Koppers/image courtesy of Becky Baldwin

Becky is a graduate from Bristol Institute of Modern Music and is a passionate full time musician. She is a heavy metal bassist who stands for animal rights and feminism.

Becky had some moments to share with crankbox-music:

What was your moment to opt for being a musician?

I can't remember there being a 'moment' as such, I remember there being a slow development from music being something I just did, to being 'who I am.' I started jamming with friends as soon as I got my first bass for my 13th birthday and I just had so much fun, I didn't want to stop!
As for music as my career, about two years ago I did some summer work in a factory operating machinery and mostly just sticking bits of rubber and plastic together all day... I hated it so much and couldn't take any more after about a month! That was when I decided to become fully committed to making music my career - that may mean having no money most of the time, but for me it's definitely worth it!

What are your current plans?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heidi Anne - When the sun comes up

Story and interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Heidi Anne

Heidi is a charming and an outspoken musician who got so much energy she could provide enough electricity for a small state, let us take Delaware, and that will last for several months without interruption.
Heidi presents her latest song "When the sun comes up" and she tells us something about the making of.

--- Interview ---
Scanning your name via youtube will immediately display your song "When the sun comes up" with a current hits of over 613.000. How was the making of? How much fun was involved?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christine got the dosage for well composed music. Her songs are soaked in childlike undistilled happiness. 
She started her music career by whistling as a 10-month-old baby. Nowadays she is focused on full-length albums with a certain character. Nothing can stop her and the rapture, you can find within her songs, is beguiling you to get more of her dreamy, with pop elements, sensational songs.

Christine spent some time for the following interview: 

What is your current project?

Sylvia mesmerized her audience by her voice that is beyond belief.
Far, far way of being standard, she brings it to the table – glamorous and classy music for your ears.  One of her numerous feats is “cry me a river” where you can experience on youtube

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jessica Ashley - Prelude

Story and interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Jessic Ashely                                       
Jessica is a young and energic singer/songwriter from Long Island and her youtube channel gathers an enormous feedback. Her phone is glowing because of numerous producers dial her number for some serious business.

That does not surprise me and the reasons are pretty obvious - Jessica got what is takes to be a top notch music artist.

Jessica took some minutes for the following interview:
How did it all get started with your music?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ashley Spencer - a breath of fresh air

Story and interview by Chris Koppers-images courtesy of Ashley Spencer

Ashley comes up with a personality that makes a difference in her genre.

First noted with her version of "fever" - her voice conveys a variety from sultry to tranquil timbre - a skill I do not see that often.  

No matter what song I listen to, Ashley's music is a true pleasure. Solid-to-the-ground tracks with her lovely voice.
Ashley had some time for an interview.

--- Interview ---

It seems you give at least 100% for every song you compose. Does that also mean we always get 100% of you? - I can listen to your music and I can meet you somewhere in a mall and I would figure "Wow, she is like in her music".

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cassandra Kubinski - On my way home

Story and interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Cassandra Kubinski

Inescapable sounds with a thrilling voice. A voice that could melt refrigerated butter.
I share Billy Joel's conclusion about her skills: She is a rarity.

Cassandra is a working progress. Unlike other artists, she refines her talents and that gains another wow-effect.

A magnificient lady with tons of potential.
Crankbox-music is honored to publish the interview with Cassandra.

--- Interview ---  
"On my way home" is your new single. How much fun was involved for completion?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Heidi Mak - the magic galore

Story and interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Heidi Mak

It should not surprise you, but the space for Heidi's coverage about her multi-talents and her incredible music is insufficient on crankbox-music. It would take days to portrait her full spectrum. Heidi is a lady with visions and her fuel is named energy. This energy is omnipresent. 

Heidi got her heart on the right spot and it is always a pleasure to experience her art of music.

--- Interview ---

Your music is impeccable. How did it all start?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Jenna Andrews - Tumblin' Down

Story and interview by Chris Koppers. Image courtesy of Jenna Andrews

Jenna is a shining personality with a thight schedule. Starting from zero, she climbed to the steep spot where she is right now, but that is just the beginning.
She is a go-getter with a certain charm and she owns a portfolio which is fully loaded with smashing lyrics and melodies.
Some may know her music which appeared in one episode of Grey's Anatomy.
I really appreciate her attitude and I am more than grateful she had some time for a short interview.

--- Interview ---

What are you doing right now?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crossplane - Rollin'

Story by Chris Koppers

Crankbox-music featured the "helluva" band in May 2012.
This German Rock / Punk'n'Roll / Metal band is a hot ticket and you should not miss its latest news:

Alexandra Kelly - It's Complicated

Interview by Chris Koppers

Alexandra is a wondrous musician with a lovely voice. Moreover, she supports, a fundraising campaign.

In this interview, Alexandra talks about her projects, how all started from the beginning, her sweetest moments, and more.

--- Interview ---

What are you working on right now?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tina Malia - Serendipity

Story and interview by Chris Koppers

Another gem for you, crankbox-music readers.
Tina is a dedicated lady, a multi-instrumentalist and she can cause tension in the air as soon as she starts singing. So amazing - that voice takes your shoes off. No wonder I had no choice to ask her for an interview.

Her music video "the lost frontier" shows her full spectrum. Classy and unconventional.  I cannot help myself, but her sound catapults my humble person to another galaxy (I bet you face the same destination).
Please note: There are, of course, more music videos of her, but it should be your pleasure to discover them.

Conclusion: Tina shows pure devotion.

--- Interview ---

What is your current project?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alexandra Legouix and the Sunflowers - smooth

Story and interview by Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Alexandra Legouix

Alexandra and her band are fully loaded with unleashed vigor. May I introduce these exceptional artists to you?

Alexandra Legouix (lead vox/writer), Nero (guitar/writer), Lizzie Sambrook (sax), Tracey Ayer (bass), James Argyle (guitar) - shaken and not stirred - they provide a fusion of Latin, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Pop influences.

The music is joyful and pleasant. There is no other way, you have to go to their gigs. For all my non-British readers, you should book a flight to London right away, because Alexandra and her crew are on tour thoughout England.

The hyper-talented Alexandra had some moments for crankbox-music.

How does it feels like being the front lady of Alexandra Legouix& The Sunflowers?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Larissa Ness - break the mold
Story and interview by Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Larissa Ness
Larissa was highly trained for getting on top. She is a pianist, flutist and vocalist - and the combines several genres with her refreshing style. Larissa can be called a veteran, because she has been tapping the piano since the age of 3. Please check her videos on youtube and you certainly have the impression that the keys of her piano move as if by ghost's hands (because of her uncanny skills) - or for Larissa's case she plays the piano with her toes! Be the eyewitness and enjoy her exhilarant music video named "Thoughts of you".

Larissa is flying around the globe right now, but she got some moments for crankbox-music.

How is it being a successful electro pop/dance artist like you? Is it harder to get your career started, because you are a lady?

Liz Primo - the creative force
Story and interview bt Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Liz Primo

Liz illuminates the dance floor.
Leaving home at the age of 17, Liz knew how to make things happen and commenced her music career.

"My first single State of Amazing was played on MTV Mexico, and my second single Wind Me Up is on MTV Latin America right now."

In other words: her message is around the world.

Breathtaking Liz had some moments for crankbox-music.

What is your current project?