Monday, November 19, 2012

Jess King
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Jess King

Please welcome the amazing Jess with her sultry voice that will captivate all your senses within a second. My rating scheme gives her 8 stars (0 - 5 stars), because of her entire performance. 

Jess had some moments to share with us:

What are your impressions of your current tour in Paris?

I've been having an incredible time recording and performing in Paris over the last year plus. As we're in the final stages of defining my musical universe in the studio, I’m now very excited to see this "labor of love" come together. Of course I still love and miss New York at times, but I know Paris is the right place for me now. I've been kind of intoxicated by the creative inspiration here, just walking around and breathing in the beauty of this city. It makes complete sense to me why this city as attracted many artists.

Can you tell us more about your genre "From the heart"? What is the mission behind it?

My musical genre is best described as "from the heart" because it is just that: each song flows directly from my heart to yours. My goal is to touch you emotionally with each song, to transport you, to make you feel. Connecting with others is the reason I write and perform music. My mission is to create something meaningful and personal, and that will resonate with many people.

Can you reveal some details regarding your upcoming songs and videos?

Each of these songs has “her feet on the ground”, as one person described it to me. They are grounded in something real, personal, and easily relatable. Videos will be released as well early in the new year with these songs; however, I'm not able to reveal details just yet. Please stay tuned.

How is it being a gifted female musician who combines two worlds (NYC and Paris) with her music?

There isn't one day I don't feel blessed to live in two of the most amazing cities on the planet. New York is still home and will probably always be "home" (or at least feel like home). Paris inspires me in a different way, partially because it feels fresh and new, and partially just because it is so intensely beautiful. I’ve even lost my breath a few times walking around this city at times, because the beauty can be that overwhelming. It's a blessing to be between these two places.

Where will you see yourself in 2013?

Okay, I’ll answer this question simply :-) and say: I see myself affecting many more people with my music in the coming year. I’m sure this will happen, but I aim to have the opportunity to do this on a grand scale. If I’m on stage a lot in 2013, I’m sure this will be a fantastic year, as I’ll be connecting often with the public. (It goes without saying I will continue to song-write a lot in the new year!)

What is your main motivation to move on?

My motivation is to touch people with my music. Writing songs in my greatest love, and performing them is the ultimate way of connecting. And everybody needs to have the songs to listen to on their playlists, so the recordings need to be out there as well.

What do you believe what your fans love most about your songs?

Fans who appreciate my music tend to relate to my song lyrics and the feeling in my voice. A song might remind them of something or someone in their past, or a problem they're dealing with at the moment, so my song is able to emotionally connect with them. They also hear and feel the sincerity in my voice, and feel a sense of optimism even in a heart-breaking ballad. At least this is what I've been told by some fans, and also what I'm hoping to do.

Where can we find/purchase your music?

My music will be available early in 2013. Please be patient a few more months, and I promise it will be worth your wait. And if you're in New York on Thursday, January 3rd come on out and check out a live show at Webster Hall.


Linda said...

Hey hey, Chris.

Your new post, Jess, she is fabulous.

Paris is not that far from here.

Thank you so much for introducing her.


AnnaLourdes said...

Great discovery, Chris! I found Jess King a few years ago in New York. She blew me away with her live show. I'm sure she will take off. And we can say we knew her when ... !! Thanks for the article.

Katy said...

Great songs. I checked her out on youtube.

Thanks for sharing, Chris


Venessa said...

Great music that touches my heart.

Thanks for pubishing Jess' interview with you, CHris.

Best wishes,

Albert said...

I follow the things Jess is doing already from 2006. She once was my favorite artist in Sellaband, a crowdfunding site. Not only is she a gifted artist, but also a very warm and generous person. One of the nicest people in the music business.
It was very nice to read this!!!

John Killings said...

Awesome voice.


BriTR said...

True, what you say @Albert. Jess King is a genuinely kind person. What really blows me away though is hearing and watching her sing live. She has that IT factor - the star power, the beauty, everything. No doubt of that, but we do need her album to come out first!!

Mary N. said...

OMG, I gotta see her performing.

Thanks for introducing her. What a voice!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thrilling voice.

Can't wait to get her release.

Thanks crankbox-music,

Lovely regards,

Anaïs Nina said...

Having trouble finding her music online except for a youtube link: I was referred to Jess King from a friend who saw her performing a few months ago in Paris. Guess we have to wait, unless I'm missing something. Nice to see read this interview anyway, thanks.

NataliaKanstor84 said...

i met jess king a few years ago in tokyo when i happened to be having dinner at the place she was gigging. been a fan since then and waiting since then for a recording. hope its soon!!!

JanelleTrudeau said...

I am on the Jess King team!!!!!!!

Damien K said...

Nice post, beautiful girl. Saw her on youtube and was impressed. I wish her a successful career, she seems like a real artist.

Monique Labelle said...

Elle est sublime. J'ai trouvé un autre blog en français pour ceux qui parlent français :

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

This is a nice interview and I'm happy to learn about Jess King. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to hearing more of her music.

Cheers, Ron

Jon Lambert1983 said...

Please post an update when her album is out there! I'm waiting since 2 years now, I'm a fan.