Monday, November 12, 2012

Zoe Ann
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Zoe Ann

Zoe is an exceptional singer/songwriter from Dallas and she has been reigning the Indie charts for a certain time, but wait...there is more to tell - her musical journey will undauntedly follow the next higher level. 

Please tell us somewhat about your latest and bombastic release " Better Than Revenge"? 

My latest single 'Better Than Revenge' and my just released EP 'Zoe Ann' were very important for me to write. I wrote those songs while recovering from a very difficult year. I was going through some really tough things, and it came out in my writing. The music on this EP comes from the heart. And I love performing it, and sharing my thoughts with my audience.

According to your current schedule, you have some gigs in Texas. What venues will you hit in the near future? 

I've gotten to play some amazing places so far. Coming up this month in Dallas, Tx I will be playing The Curtain Club and The Hard Rock Cafe. We are setting a date in Jan for a show back at House of Blues in Dallas, too.

What do you need for a perfect gig that dears your heart?

Honestly, it wouldn't matter where it was, but my biggest dream is to see a huge crowd of people, singing along to my lyrics, having the time of their lives at my concert. To me, that is a massive accomplishment.

How would you see yourself within the music industry? 

I see myself as an artist who can relate. I write my songs from my personal experiences, they all come from me. I hope that my songs can be a help to people going through similar things. I want to be someone that people can look up to. An artist that is honest, and works hard to accomplish what she has.

What are your plans for 2013? Tours, releases, etc.?

We are currently planning my first actual TOUR for 2013! I am beyond excited. I'll be posting the dates and venues as soon as I get them set in stone. So everyone keep up with my sites for updates. My show dates are always linked on my website.

What do you believe your fans love most about your music?

That I write my music. That I write from a relatable point of view. That I don't just stand there at the mic, I play guitar, keyboards and ROCKOUT with my audience!

What is your favorite song you have performed so far? Can you tell us why?

So far my favorite song that I've written is off my newest album "Zoe Ann". The song is called "Wake Me Up". I wrote it at my lowest point, and I love playing the piano and singing it live. Our set is so upbeat and rocked out, which I love. But this song gives the audience a chance to see me the way I started. At my piano, singing my heart out! 

Where can we find/purchase your music? 

You can find my music on my sites linked here You can purchase my music on Amazon and iTunes under Zoe Ann and also at

Thank you for taking your time, Zoe. 


Frank said...

I always wanted to see her live on stage.


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Great songs.

I hope to see her in England someday.

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She's wonderful


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No wonder she's on top.

Great voice.

Crankboy got the hottest singers in town!


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Wonderful new release!


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What a voice.

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Zoe Ann is the best!!!

Chus Muñoz said...

Zoe Ann is the best!!!

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I love her song wake me up!

What an energic voice. Awesome.

Thanks Chris for introducing her.

Zoe Ann ROCKS!!!


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Love that song, too, and the rest.

She is amazing.

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