Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crossplane - full throttle for you

Story, interview, and photos by Chris Koppers

Punk 'n' Roll at the highest level. Celli, Alex, Dirk, and Don are Crossplane. These guys launched their first release "High Speed Operation" and there is just one requirement for listening: Play it LOUD.  Dirk and Celli are known affiliated veterans of Onkel Tom (Celli) and Ramonstars (Dirk).
I used my 3.5F3 with Kodak TMAX 400 (soaked in TMAX developer). I opted for ISO 3200, because the illumination was very capricious.  F3.5 with a cozy speed of 1/125 or 1/60.

The gifted band Crossplane is idling on stage just seconds before the gig kicks in. Celli's face says he means business. Starving for the moment to play. Another second passes away. The stage starts to tremble. I catch a glimpse of Celli and I know somewhat BIG is coming this way. The tunes of high speed operations begin. Blasting the audience without any remorse.


What makes your style special compared to other bands within your genre?

Schluppi/Crossplane: I do not think we are not significant other than other bands of our genre. For a good rock song, we always try to deliver the best of playing our instruments. That is our style. All good bands are acting this way, also the listener personally opts for his own taste.  

How is your year 2012 with your gigs in mind?

Schluppi/Crossplane: Till now 2012 was a great year. Compared to 2011, we could book shows across the whole German Republic: Berlin, Rosenheim, Bremen, Thueringia, just to name a few, but that does not mean we are already done for this year. There are a lot of festivals and locations we want to play, one of our main goals in 2013.

Are there any places where you would love to play? If yes, why?

The best place to be is a cool location with a supportive host, a brilliant gear for a good sound, a party crowd willing to have an unforgettable rock party with us, some beer....the perfect spot!

Were will you see yourself (band) in 2013?

Schluppi/Crossplane: We will see us playing at those perfect spots

Are there plans in producing videos and where are they obtainable?

Schluppi/Crossplane: We have firm plans for our first video, in a few weeks, we are going to present a new song of the video is produced for. Right now, we are about to complete and  I do not want to reveal the most, but it must be mentioned we could add two well-known faces of the heavy metal scene giving guest performances with our brand-new song. Thus stay tuned for more!

The video is available on youtube, myspace, facebook and on our bandsite.

Today it seems like all is bred for social networking. How is your balance regarding social networks? It is notable you can easily spend tons of time with it.

Schluppi/Crossplane: That is true, but you do not have to waste your time for using social networks. Okay, it is a hard work assembling a fan base, but it's a job every band member can do. It is close to the work of a music label (i.e. promotion on facebook, myspace etc.), but sometimes less is more. I do not have to tell the whole world about our last rehearsal where I got a terrific guitar-riff, no-one else has ever heard before. As long as you are presenting new songs, you got somewhat you can spread the word.. What I want to say is: you can save time, insofar you are really aware of your needs and the needs of your fans. It is easy to bother people with a plenty of futile information.

Thanks Schluppi for taking your time. We are keeping an eye on you guys.

Editor's note: Crossplane also sent a German version, which is obtainable here: