Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Asgaia - hard, harder, Asgaia

Story and photos by Chris Koppers

Asgaia, formerly known as Damnation, are currently producing numerous new songs for their fans. The facebook page can reveal more.

Asgaia is known for brutal pounding guitar riffs, for speedy double bass, and for growl-vocals.

A chunk of energy and a full scoop of melodic-death metal will give you the opportunity to learn more about Asgaia's recent LP Trinegra.

Trinegra is going to overwhelm you with the hardest tunes you can get.

The album contains 44 minutes and 58 seconds of pure Death Metal - the kind you cannot find among other bands within this genre.  Asgaia has been playing since 1995 and there is no dead end in sight.