Friday, May 25, 2012

Modern Earl - Inlaws and outlaws - out now.

Story, interview, and photos by Chris Koppers

Christopher "Earl" Hudson comes along with his buddies Ethan Schaffner, Ben Hunt and Markus Christ and they create the current album "Inlaws and outlaws." My rating matrix would grant a smooth 18 (rating is 1 - 10, and 10 is excellent).  

Modern Earl's mission? Seducing you with the finest Country/Southern Rock melodies obtainable.
Seasoned with good humor and a critical view of life, Modern Earl provides a unique performance.
Moreover, the band tours throughout the US and Europe - relentlessly.

What is your personal view of your latest release of Inlaws & Outlaws? Is there somewhat that differs from your prior music?

For me the record "Inlaws And Outlaws" is a continuation of my approach to the music we play although on this record most of the songs are originals with a couple of traditional songs added. The original songs are mostly autobiographical. I find it most interesting to write about my own experiences or experiences of people I know. I like painting a picture of what my life is like and for others toe able to take a glimpse into the world I live in. 

How was your impression of the video-making Road Trippin'?

It was a great experience for the band. I have been involved before in film and acting and I enjoy it very much. It was a first for some of the guys in the band but they were all naturals. It is a long. grueling process but I believe the end result was great. It tells the story visually of the song "Road Trippin" simply and captures the energy of Modern Earl.

 Where will you see yourself and your band in 2013?

We will tour a little less and make another record and a couple more videos. We have been touring non-stop for the past 3 1/2 years and have played over 400 shows so I think it is important to slow down a little and make time to record new songs. In the past it has been difficult to focus completely on recording and other things just because we have to make a living because this is all we do! But all the hard work is slowly paying off and we are now getting requests to play bigger shows farther and wider!

Is there a favorite spot where you want to play? If so, why?

We love playing anywhere! France is great but also Germany is good. We play a lot of big festivals but sometimes the best shows are the smaller, more intimate clubs where the crowd can almost smell the sweat dripping off our faces.

You have been playing your music for a while now. Is there something that changed (multi media platforms, social networks, etc.) your workflow and the way on how you can address your news to the audience?

Of course the internet is a great tool. Facebook, Myspace, etc… I just started using twitter also. I think nowadays there are so many mediums to market our music and sometimes it is trial and error to see what works most effectively. This past year though has really been great and most of our shows have had good size crowds showing up. I am sure a lot of this also has to do with good old fashioned word of mouth advertising.

 Thanks Chris for taking your time and all the best for your upcoming gigs.

Editor's note:
I snatched my Rolleiflex 3.5F3 and two kinds of film. Ilford Delta 100 and HP 5 Plus. Furthermore, I grabbed the Leica M4 with the 135mm (stuffed an Agfa APX 100).

Do not miss that show. I got the impression I am going to meet these guys again.