Monday, June 4, 2012

Anna Partué & the Soul Age Band - Soul/Pop with Funk

Story, interview, and photos by Chris Koppers

Anna Partué's schedule is pretty clogged, but despite of it, she takes some minutes for providing this interview for you.  

Where do you emphasize your content of your music? Who determines the content?

- We try to do the whole thing with taking care of the current happenings. Mostly, it is about emotions, political statements or things that bother us, but also about things we like.
Anna writes most of the lyrics. Currently, Rick is writing some German lyrics.

Does online social networking sustainably change your kind of communication with your fans? If so, what effect do you encounter? Is there a band member, who maintains/is in charge of these websites?  

- Yes, definitely the internet is a strong influence. The social networks are an important component of communication and also they are a fundamental basis for all bands today.
In earlier days bands used to drive by bus and play in every club. The fans were grateful and following of this they bought CDs. Today „Facebook“ is the easiest way to talk to our fans in a fast and uncomplicated way. Rick takes care of the profiles and replies to every single question.

Where will you see yourself/band in 2013?

- Serious question. Maybe a concert on the moon? Maybe as a permanent guest in every talkshow or easily just the way we are doing it right now?
2013 will be a year of being on tour, the first album will come, there are some new concert requests for summer 2013, but firstly, we try to stay on the ground.
We try to do everything to be „a success“ and to bring our songs and that what makes our interesting project - close to the people.

Let us say, you have to compose a retrospective of your musical labor – how does it look like with your ups and downs?

- First of all, we are just a band for 2 years. That is nothing. The downs are clear - we are a large band and some members left. Of course we had a plan, just to have a goal.
Since then we are rising up with some experiences and good contacts in this business. We refined our ideas and now we are better in dealing with each other. Its like a family.
8 people in a 10-square-meter rehearsal space is not always so easy.

Can you name me your next steps? New songs? Video shoot? Gigs?

- This question is just answerable with the words „Step by step.“
We increase ourselves and try out, using contacts and we will publish our material.
Now, we are on summer open air tour. The clubtour starts around October/November.
Therefore we got our first studio debut album. We compose new songs on a weekly basis.
And of course, we actually have plans for a video shoot of one of our songs.
There will be more to see in October 2012.

Thanks Anna Partué & the Soul Age Band for the deeper insight.
Images were taken by my lovely Rolleiflex Automat Type 3.
Kodak TMAX 400 pushed to ISO 800.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of that band before, but I have to buy the music. Thanks Chris for introducing them.
BTW, you are a true master of photography.

I will send you a pm, cuz I know a band from Austin, TX and they need awesome pictures.

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You do amazing work, Chris.
The whole article is like pure vanilla.

I gonna check this band out.

Heather from IL.

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Hello Chris,

I came through Anna's facebook page and I really like your website and your fabulous pictures.


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Classy. Period.


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Brilliant coverage.

Can't wait to see more of your work.

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The Soulage Band said...

At all readers and commentators,
this is Rick from AP & the SAB writing.

I saw your really nice comments. I can only say: Thank you. Chris has done a good job. You will find our songs and other stuff at our Webside

I f you like what you see or hear you can like us on Facebook, too.

Best regards!

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Awesome coverage about a band I do not know - wanna see more of your coverages!


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Supa cool, Chris.


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You are hilarious, Chris.
Mainstream photographers (or shall I say guys with cameras?) are shocked whenever they see you with your classic cameras - and do not mention the picture quality!

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You are rocking the music world, Chris.

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Perfect coverage. You should work for BIIIG magazines.


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This is good stuff, Chris.

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Crank Box - C. Koppers said...

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I keep on delivering the finest articles and images for you.


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Kudos, Chris.
Top notch coverage and your images are super cool.

You must be the only one, who shoots with a Rollei TLR live in concert.

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Shooting with an Automat!?!


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