Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glasperlenspiel - Aspiring band from Germany

Story and interview by Chris Koppers

From time to time, I pick some auspicious bands for a closer look. Let us face an aspiring group from Germany – Glasperlenspiel.  Glasperlenspiel (glass bead game) was named after a novel of the German author Hermann Hesse and the band earns tremendous popularity on German soil.

They gave me an interview:

2012 seems to be the year of your lifetime. A fully booked tour throughout Germany shows you are in high demand.

How do you deal with pressure and how do you deal with it while on tour?
We enjoy traveling to different regions and we love playing for our audience. Having a well balanced agenda helps to alleviate any kind of pressure. Hanging out with friends/family and sporty activities can reduce stress after a lengthy tour.   Moreover, there is not sufficient time to ponder on stress, because we normally have meets&greets and later on we will see ourselves on stage.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
We compose our lyrics in regards to what we encounter in our lives - writing about something that is important to us. Every single song should contain a piece of Carolin and Daniel.  Our album is also named a dairy for dancing.

You were assigned for being the support band for “Ich&Ich” (another German band) in 2011. What experience did you gain from the cooperation?
That was awesome. Endless fun and we have reached a broader audience. The “Ich&Ich” team welcomed us like friends and we have learnt a lot. We have played for an impressive number of folks for the very first time.  

Where will you see yourself/band in five years?
Still on stage, and hopefully, we have earned a music award by then.

Why do you perform your songs in German?
Back in the days, we used to sing in German. Our English is pretty bad – thus German is our language to express our feelings.

How does your perfect gig look like?
Many factors come into play. The performance itself, the lighting, and the fun factor are key essential. As soon as the people recognize the involvement of fun, they start enjoying the show.

Thanks Carolin and Daniel for taking your time.

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