Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Woodrose - Third Eye Surgery

Story and interview by Chris Koppers

Lorenzo Woodrose knows how to thrill my loudspeakers. Psychedelic trips, based on the 1960’s fuzz, which is like a never-ending dream – The press release proclaimed it is the latest endeavor, creating a different vibe. The statement is impeccable – pure sounds, solid tracks – what else do you need?

Interview with Lorenzo Woodrose:

Where will you see yourself/band in 2013?

I hope that we will be recording a new album in 2013, at least that is the long term schedule, but you never know - maybe we just play at some underground clubs in Europe somewhere.

Do you have some favorite spots where you can perform your music the way like most (acoustic, audience, etc.) ?

My favorite place is probably Loppen at Christiania in Copenhagen. It must be the one club where I have played the most shows, but there are many others - a small club in Backnang, Germany called Juze, Gruta 77 in Madrid - I prefer the typical European rock clubs, low stage, 300 folks-capacity, black walls, and packed atmosphere.

How would you define success? Is it something, which is based on monetary statements, or is it some more like an attitude?

Interesting question. I think success is relative. You can have the most important night of your life, playing for 50 people and never get bigger or richer, just do what you love. I think I have been successful at creating some kind of life for myself where I can have these experiences on a frequent basis, I have an outlet for my songs, a record company that I trust, booking agencies with cool people that I can work with, people who buy my releases, people who come to the shows. It iss all I have ever dreamed of, really, and I am doing okay financially. I will probably never get rich, and sometimes,  I worry how I am going to survive when I get old, but for now I am pretty satisfied with my life.

Your album covers are pretty remarkable. Who develops these concepts?

Usually, it is a matter of an idea that I have for the album title and concept and look of the record. I just need a graphics person to collaborate with me to make it happen. If something comes up in the process which is better we will just go for that instead. Sometimes it is just an idea for a color scheme or a certain image.

On a prior interview you noted you wanted to sing your own songs (leaving your previous band was the ultimate result of it). Did you find your personal, creative freedom within Baby Woodrose?

Yeah, but actually I have always had creative freedom - sometimes even to [censored] things up too much. It was more a matter of a personal need to get some words and emotions out, I think there is a message somewhere in there. I am just not sure what it is, but I am working hard to find out!

Third Eye Surgery is the latest gem in a row of your amazing discography. How would you introduce Third Eye Surgery to an audience, who has not had the opportunity to listen to it?

Well, it is slightly more lofi sounding than the previous couple of albums, something I think suits this kind of music. It has slightly longer guitarsolos and maybe not as many short pop songs, even though that aspect is still there. I am really proud of the Third Eye Surgery lyric, which is about DMT.

Thanks Lorenzo for taking your time.


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