Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shastina Eloff
Interview by Chris Koppers

Please welcome one of Hollywood's shooting stars on crankbox-music - Shastina.
Please ensure you get the hottest news on your plate by reading the interview: 

"Boy toy" is your first single. Can you tell us somewhat about the making of?

Was it a thrilling moment for you seeing it available for everyone?

The making of Boy Toy was difficult. This was my very first time being in a studio. I didn’t know the language I didn’t understand the difference between live singing and studio singing. And I didn’t like resigning the same line over and over. I was very frustrated. Studio Timing was difficult for me to pick up on. All in all I was excited when I was done and the song was finished. Then I waited weeks for it to be on iTunes, and then it was…and just like every artist you think BAM its iTunes watch it sell. It was then I realized all the hard work I had in front of me…

What is your current project?

Currently, I am working on recording my whole album. Not sure how many songs will be on the completed album. I am working with Music Producer Teddy Sandman, he is a very wanted man and does music for a lot of other artists specially bigger artists. He has produced a total of 5 tracks for the album and he may end producing more for the album as it is very difficult finding dependable talented Music Producers. How is it being a Pop Electronica Dance musician? What do you want to achieve?

I want to achieve things like most people want to achieve; singing in front of 70,000 fans, touring the world, hearing my music, on the radio, in clubs, on TV. I do want to use my music and grow to the top, but I also want to use my voice for humanitarian purposes. I want to start my own charity that really helps give back to the American people. I want to try and use my voice to bring out the best in people.
What is your plan for 2014? 

By that time I better have my album finished  and I am already working on tour dates for next year…hoping to branch out worldwide.
How did your career start?

My career started at a very young age… I was a “HAM” as my parents called me, and they got me into Musical Theatre right away…and from there I really took my career in a successful direction.

Editor's note: please find her biography here: http://www.reverbnation.com/shastinaeloff
Who supports you most when it comes to your music?

My family and my fans!
Where do you get your inspiration from?

Life - we all have good days and we all have BAD days.
Do you like to work with someone (music artist) for a stunning release? Who could that be?

Honestly, I would like to work with Justin Bieber. I love his music and think he and his team have really made and great artist out of him. 

We can we find/purchase your music?

I’m worldwide but iTunes is the biggest! 


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Sexy babe with BIIIG potential.

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Got Cash is awesome.
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