Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The attic ends
Interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of The Attic Ends

Samantha, Pete, Jan, and Bob built up an Indie Rock formation from Brooklyn, NY.
They produce a soulful/genuine vibe and you should not wonder yourself listening to that great music for numerous hours a day. 

Please enjoy the interview with the entire band:

Your music video "Home" rocks. How was the processing for the video making? How much fun was involved?
The process of the video was largely driven by Marcus Bleecker/Patrick Smith & team. They derived the theme, scenes, and energy from the song as well as our as our live shows and integrated it into the video. Shooting the video was tremendously fun, we did get to choose all our own outfits and stylings. Thescenes were shot from our live show to a studio in NYC and in Holyoke, MA. We’re forever grateful to Marcus Bleecker/Patrick Smith and their team for their direction, creativity and tireless effort in making such a great video for us. -Pete

How would you describe your band's unconventional style within the world of music? What are the key essentials for The attic ends?

We describe our sound as ethereal indie-rock/dream-pop... with power vocals paired with haunting yet uplifting melodies. A key essence of The Attic Ends revolve around the different musical/personal backgrounds that we all come from and our willingness to accept the differences in creating a musical landscape where we all can live and thrive in.- Samantha and Pete

What is your current project?

We are currently recording our second full length album! It has been so amazing! To hear these songs come to life, songs we've worked on for 2 years now. We are shooting for a Feb. 5th worldwide release date. -Samantha and Pete

Where will you see yourself in 2015?

I see us on full time tour and playing big festivals! I hope by then there's a strong possibility that our music could be in movies or commercials...every and any outlet to reach as many people as possible. I want to empower and encourage people with our music all over the world. My dream by 2015 is for us to have music be a sustainable lifestyle....think big go hard! -Samantha

Where do you get your inspiration from? Does NYC grant you a whole "garden" for inspirations?

I get my inspiration from all my relationships (love, friends, and random encounters) along with self realization, and of course the city of dreams NYC. Everyone here has an amazing story and are fighting to have their dreams come true. That itself pushes you to grow up fast and thankfully my outlet is writing...my lyrics comes from a girl who became a woman in NYC. -Samantha

I think the city is a huge influence on any artist who lives here. It's impossible not to be affected by the high level of energy that flows through this town. I grew up in Jersey and would come to the city as a teenager. Coming through the Holland Tunnel into the Village I'd feel panic in my guts and my heart would race. Now I've lived in the city for years and I don't think I've ever lost that urgency I felt then. I'm just used to walking around like that all the time. How can that not come through in the music? -Bob

Please pick one and tell us why:
The attic ends...
a) is awesome on stage.
b) does not hold still.
c) should be your next MP3 download.

b) does not hold still.The moment we started this band... every moment has been about music and The Attic Ends... we are a family of go getters! -Samantha

How is it being the front lady of the attic ends?

It is absolutely amazing. It was a challenge at first, being around guys all the time, beer everywhere, and all the female attention towards my band mates, some girls trying to be my friend to get at the guys lol...but as our drummer Bob would say, it's all rock-n-roll baby lol. I'm still learning the ups and downs of being the female voice within the group/band. The guys have been in bands before, this is my first, I was always a solo artist or I was in a group with other girls. I never knew this is where I would end up, and boy am I happy! The guys love me, they respect me, and we encourage each other to be the best we can be. They made me tougher and softer at the same time. I feel I can do anything as long as I have my guys! As for performing with my band, I love it! I love dressing up and expressing myself in a strong yet feminine way...I want to especially attract a female audience, I want them to see me as a force, maybe someone to look up to. I would love them to hear what our music is about and become stronger themselves. I love being a front-woman. I think I have more to offer than some might feel and I can't wait to show the world! -Samantha

What are your long-term goals?

To have making music be a sustainable lifestyle and to make music that uplifts people. We hope to contribute to the world through music. To be an inspiration to others and to make music as long as we live, no matter where our journeys take us, we hope to be making music for the rest of our lives. -Samantha and Jan

As far as long term goals, I think the key is achieving sustainability. It takes work to earn the privilege of being able to focus solely on music, and have it turn take care of everything else. After that, you can really blow the hinges off the doors of creativity. While we definitely use goals to set things up and knock 'em down, I find it most important to embrace the process and not just the goal. There's so much beautiful scenery on this road of musicianship; to quote the illustrious Ferris Bueller, "if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Jan
Where can we find/purchase?

We are currently on iTunes, Pandora, Amazon.com, and Spotify! If you simply google "The Attic Ends" you can hear and find everything we have out there. Thank you for listening and being a part of this journey with us. -Jan

Thank you for taking your time. 


Pamela Z. said...

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Bella coverage.

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Cool sounds!

Chris, your blog is great.
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I already LOVE the attic ends.

Chris, thank you for introducing them.

Kari M.

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Hmm, Samantha was that cute girl from the Heineken spot, right?
Should be the reason why I sip that stuff, haha.

Anyway, they make cool music.

Thank you for sharing.

Philip from Holland

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Great coverage, Chris.

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I love their song "Who are you".

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Cool tunes.

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Ben said...

It's almost half a year I'm following them, step by step (even from Italy): saying I love their music doesn't make the idea. What I only know, is the fact every time I listen to them I dream at open eyes. The Indie influence makes me feel in peace with the rest of the worlds. The chords played by Pete are something incredible, keys pushed by Jan are a joyful combination of sounds, basses tones by Bob's drums are an echo inside me and, last but not least, Sam's voice it's like to hear an angel fallen on Earth! Thank You guys!