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The NowhereNauts
Interview by Chris Koppers/images and video courtesy of The NowhereNauts

Another gem from New York City: The NowhereNauts are about to launch their latest release "Warned you". 

Get the full story here and learn more about the magic behind the amazing band:

How would you describe your upcoming release "Warned you"? What are the specials?

Anders: Our upcoming release is loud, fast, and raw, yet melodic, lush, and 
sweet all at the same time. The album really came together; we had an awesome team working with us to gather everything sounding exactly the way we wanted it to. 

Sofie: The new album is something we’ve put our all into. The sound is a lot bigger and fuller than some of our previous stuff. I feel like the music is very danceable, with strong beats, but also has some really dynamic moments. It’s kind of rock that borders on pop, but then again, what does any of that mean? I think you just have to listen and take it in, and hopefully enjoy it.

Hunter: I would describe Warned You as an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. It is a powerful record, lyrically and sonically, that the listener can connect to.

Tony: Well, it's a big step forward for us as musicians, first of all. Listening to "Warned You" and our debut self-titled album back-to-back is kind of funny, because they're just so different, yet they both have the same appreciation of our roots, which is writing nice melodies and creating dramatic bouncing rhythms. The specials are the songs "Warned You" "Insomnia" "Spaces" and "Until You".

You contemplate yourselves as the voyagers from nowhere. What is your destination?

Anders: Your hearts and minds.

Tony: Well, you can look at that kind of like "We're from Nowhere, but we're ready to go to wherever we end up". It's kind of like a constant change where we appreciate where we came from (i.e. the first album), but we're ready to move on and show you our new stuff. And at the time, we didn't know what "Warned You" would sound like, so it's hard to say we have an exact destination, but rather that we're always moving on from where we were.

How would you describe the last year of your music career and efforts?

Hunter: The last year has been a whirlwind. We have put so much time, effort, and passion into the new record and are incredibly excited to share it with the world.

Sofie: The last year has really been an attempt for us to polish up and record the album, as well as play as much as we can. We’ve been doing what we can to get ourselves out there in the universe.

Tony: Hectic, exciting, strange, just a mix of a lot of things. We put way more effort into recording "Warned You" this past year than anything else we've ever done, so there were a lot of new experiences which made the process even more crazy.

Anders: It's been really hectic and rocky at times, but we're all really
looking forward to the release. I know all of us are ready to get our
music out there, given how hard we worked on it for the past year.
Everyone is doing everything they can to make sure the band goes as
far as it can on this new music, and I'm really excited to see where
it can go.

Please complete:


a) Our music is ... powerful and passionate.

b) Being on stage is ... the most fulfilling part of being in a band.

c) Today's music industry is ... in shambles.

d) Our inspiration is ... emotional experiences, movies, and books.


a) Our music is ... A refreshingly familiar Coca-Cola with a shot of Bacardi 151.

b) Being on stage is like ... the same feeling you get when you lock eyes with a hottie on the street.

c) Today's music industry is ... stubborn.

d) Our inspiration is ... LoveHateDreamsLifeWorkPlayFriendshipSex.


a) Our music is  ... what you make of it!

b) Being on stage is like ... the best sex you've ever had.

c) Today's music industry is ...  a really difficult place, but to get

heard you have to make some noise.

d) Our inspiration is ... our friends, family, and fans that have been 
waiting so long and patiently to hear what we're going to do next.


a) Our music is ...stratospheric.

b) Being on stage is like ...riding a bike. Walking (I’m afraid to ride a bike in NYC).

c) Today's music industry is ...confused and confusing.

d) Our inspiration is ...people.

What do you like most when it comes to your music?

Sofie: I like that I can get immersed in our music and become a different person for a while. I hope other people can get that feeling too.

Hunter: Our harmonies and the way the vocals, guitar, bass, and drums move together.

Tony: Sofie has a super-unique, strong, and awesome voice. There are some bands that have mind-blowing instrumentals, but the singer can't live up to the expectations that listening to just the instruments might bring when you first listen to the song, you know? That's probably why electronic music is getting popular, because it's just the instruments without a sea of crappy singers. You can count on us to deliver both good instrumentals, and a kick-ass singer. That's why we're confident about our music.

Anders: Much more than any specifics; how all the individual members come
together to shape our sound. Tony is a beast on the drums. Without him, I think it would all fall apart. He is the glue that holds us together. The guitar parts Hunter comes up with are ridiculous, unconventional, and innovative and I often find myself trying to emulate her when I pick up a guitar. And Sofie, my sister, has an incredible voice. She's never been one to rest on her laurels, and she's constantly pushing the boundaries of what she's capable of and I really admire that.

I read your constant change and evolution are just two key elements for composing your music. Can you explain us the message behind your band?

Hunter: We make music that we love and are passionate about.

Sofie: For me I feel like the band is constantly evolving and attempting to improve. If we were stagnant we wouldn’t be accomplishing anything, and we’d be bored. I think we try to stay true to our sound, but we always want to push it to the next level. That’s why we’re all so excited about the upcoming album. The sound

Anders: We're constantly striving to reinvent our sound and place in the world of music. "Warned You" is a huge departure from our previous album.

Tony: Sure, it's as simple as this: We just want to make good music. We're following what we love, and you should too. Everyone changes and evolves, so we try to make music that changes and evolves along with us, as well as our fans.

For my readers who may not heard of your music: How would you describe your music?

Hunter: Our new album has been described as a "punch in the face!" (laughing) We are influenced by a lot of bands from the late 80s/early 90s.

Tony: Tough question. Our sound is like up-tempo indie rock, but that's very vague... How about, combine Warped Tour with Stadium Rock bands from the 80's? That might work as a fair description. The NowhereNauts started as Anders, Sofie, and Hunter. They recorded our self-titled album, then I (Tony) joined; we recorded the upcoming record "Warned You", and BAM. Present-day.

Anders: The best description of our music I've ever heard is "The Long Blondes
covering Pavement songs." Our music is loud and fast, but it can
seduce you at the same time. We have some really interesting harmonic
structures going on in the context of pop song forms. 

Sofie: I would describe our music as danceable rock with some pop influences. I could say indie but I don’t really want to.

Where can we find/purchase your music?

There are a couple of sneak peeks of the new album out there at college radio, and on the internet. The new album will be released in January 2013, and our single “Warned You” will be available on iTunes in days. We’re also releasing videos the first week of November. Our last self-titled album, "The NowhereNauts" is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, streaming on Spotify, and streaming for

free on our website, HYPERLINK ""

You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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