Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alex Schultz produces buoyancy with his guitar

Story and photo by Chris Koppers

The New Yorker released his first solo album "Think about it" that manifested his scrumptiousness.

Normally, he can be seen as the sideman for some well-known harpists. Alex is not that eloquent, but he is not here for some wordy conversations - he enters the stage for playing guitar. There is a nimbus that accompanies him. Fairly hard to describe it - you submerge and enjoy his musical feats.
A true Blues gem.

I received thumbs up by Alex Schultz as soon as he sighted my Rolleiflex Automat.
It was time to play and time to depress the shutter release.


Anonymous said...

I' ve seen him several times in NY. He's fantastic.

Love your blog,

Anonymous said...

I went to some of his gigs and yeah, he is king.

Please publish more of those great artists.


Anonymous said...

I googled for Alex and I stopped here.

Impressive blog!


Anonymous said...


Keep up your incredible blog.
John D.