Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jacqui Taylor - A celestial lady with her guitar

Story and interview by Chris Koppers / photos courtesy of Jacqui Taylor

Her movements are genteel. You can feel her devotion. She runs her own studio where she can experiment with her magic. Immediately, you will notice she came in to perform her religion. Music. You do not have to be pious, but you should be ready for her music, because it is pure vanilla. 

Jacqui Taylor is a composer/guitar teacher and is the guitartist for TWO bands: The Clan Destined and Razorbladekisses. Moreover, Jacqui is a University of Brighton graduate in music and art.

--- Interview ---

Music is your obsession and the guitar is your religion. Whenever I see you playing guitar you play it with such an ease. It must be a result of tremendous schooling/training, right?

Haha you're right I am pretty obsessed!! Yes, I did a lot of practising, and I was very dedicated right from school. I spent every possible moment I could in the practise rooms! Since then it's been a constant learning process. Even when you teach I find you still learn from your students.

What is your favorite guitar? Do you prefer customised ones, or do you look for a challenge with standard guitars everyone can purchase around the corner so easily?

My favourite is my Jackson. It's my 'work horse' and I just love Floyd Rose tremolo units.
My other favourite is Ibanez and I have this really awesome HR Giger designed ibanez!

You tribute your skills to bands like RazorbladeKisses and The Clan Destined. How do you manage your assignments with them?

Haha, it's been quite a lot of juggling. The good thing is you can send tracks back-and-forth on the internet and work on them that way! RBK have been taking a little break at the moment, so that has helped me focus on all my other projects.

What is your current project?

At the moment, I'm very busy rehearsing for an all day heathen music & performing arts festival to be held at The Nottingham Irish Centre on Saturday September 22nd 2012. All proceeds go to to Cancer Research UK. I'm headlining with Martin Walkyier, ex-vocalist of Sabbat and Skyclad; doing a set of classic Skyclad folk metal tunes with a bunch of brilliant musicians from around the world. Gonna be fun!! We are also in the middle of writing and recording songs for the New Clan Destined album.
I am currently also excited about collaborating with the talented musician/keyboard player Tommy Stepheson
http://www.reverbnation.com/tommystephenson http://www.stephenson-reese.com and desperately trying to find a little time to continue with another of my Jacqui Taylor solo albums :)

Where will
you see yourself in 2013?

Hopefully the Clad Destined will be gigging and possibly if all goes to plan an album with Tommy Stephenson!

How would you define “the perfect gig”? What should occur to have one?

Great venue, great PA system, great audience and a great party afterwards!!

Where is your favourite spot to perform?

I've always loved playing gigs around Camden, London. I guess the best venue so far is the Spa in Whitby, Yorkshire. I remember when playing I could look out the windows and see the ocean.

Thank you for your time, Jacqui.



Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. I know her from the clan destined. She blasted us away.

I am happy to see her here.
Thanks for the coverage.

Pat from England

Anonymous said...

I like her style.

Chris, you got a great assortment of musicians. Love your music blog!

Cassandra - still not sleepy in LA.

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I luv her music.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous.

BTW, your blog is one of my favourites :)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant guitarist! thanks for a great blog

Anonymous said...

Chris, KEEP on running your music blog.

Samuel from Panama

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I gonna check her out.


Magenta Sunset said...

Know her from RBK,she's also a great mate!

Martin Walkyier said...

Jacqui is awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding blog - need to check Jacqui for her music!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is HOT [censored by admin.]!!!!

Love it.

Harry M.