Thursday, July 26, 2012

Annie Dressner - Moving to the UK.

Story and interview by Chris Koppers, photo courtesy of Annie Dressner

Annie left her hometown of New York City and entered the United Kingdom with her “passionate, conversational awkwardness” which can be testified on her debut album named Strangers who knew each other's names.

Annie is currently on tour. All her tour dates can be seen here:

 I feel honored to publish a short interview with her:

What is your main motivation for composing your poignant lyrics?

Truth be told I sing about what it on my mind... so it sort of just comes out. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I cannot sit down and write lyrics without music. It all kind of comes together at the same time. 

What is your current project?

At the moment, I am working on a 5-song EP. I will most likely put out a single first, so stay tuned! I am quite excited about it! Unlike my full-length album, "Strangers Who Knew Each Other's Names" that came out last year, this EP is going to be much more acoustic, which I think suits these five songs quite well.

What do you like most about your album Strangers who knew each other's names?

I like that every single person that is playing on it is a friend of mine. Fortunately for me, they are all very talented.

What are your plans for 2013?

I plan to keep touring around the UK a lot and also put out the new EP.

Let us imagine there is a world without music. The only way to express your visions is via drawing a picture. How would it look like?

Well, that sounds really bleak. It would be a drawing of a magical unicorn.

What do you miss in today's music industry?

I only know today's music industry, but I think it would have been cool to record onto tape. It would force you to be much more prepared.

What makes you smile?

The sun, amongst other things that I like and that are funny.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

My own life experience.

Thank you for the few moment for giving us a chance to learn more about you. Enjoy your tour.


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Thanks for introducing her.
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Thanks for introducing her.

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