Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christine got the dosage for well composed music. Her songs are soaked in childlike undistilled happiness. 
She started her music career by whistling as a 10-month-old baby. Nowadays she is focused on full-length albums with a certain character. Nothing can stop her and the rapture, you can find within her songs, is beguiling you to get more of her dreamy, with pop elements, sensational songs.

Christine spent some time for the following interview: 

What is your current project?

Currently, I am deciding which video to make next from my album. Also, I've been recently approached by another film maker to do a video for my tune, Be You. We'll see what happens with that.

Speaking of video making, What are the ingredients for your videos?

For Lovely and Lullabies, I just went with the creative flow from within. As well, a few friends and my cousin helped out a bit and then I edited them using industry standard software. For Shine My Tarnished Sheen, I Can Dance 2 in India was the answer. I plan to make videos for all the songs from Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. I was recently approached by a film maker who is wanting to start on one for me. Also there is another film maker who has expressed interest in one of the songs and is trying to get an arts grant to fund the video. And oh, my cousin in Hollywood wants to do one as well. :) 

How would you define success?

Happiness and richness in the mind. Wisdom. Love. Inner peace.

Please pick one and tell us why.
My music is...
a) like an elevator where I can reach other moods, worlds, etc.
b) my insatiable demand. That is why I create music.
c) to pay my dues.

Definitely A. I always see creativity as a way of channeling levels of the self on many planes of consciousness and dimensions.

Who is your person who supports you most?
Me. I look in the mirror each day and there I am! ;) It's only my choice to do the best I can with what I've got. Of course a few close people in my life have been very supportive as well to which I am ever grateful.

Where do you see yourself in 2014?

Away from now.
Fulfilling more of my dreams and creating new ones. Leading beautiful life.

What do you miss in today's music industry?

Seeing everyone buying their music in physical stores. I think there is an uprising of independent labels and music happening. A new empire of creative quality sound once again instead of this cookie cutter era.

One of my 'picture this' questions:
Lunatic scientists created a time machine and you are the lady who can operate it.
What would be your destination? What year, where?

That's a tough question. Likely somewhere from the past which has long been a great topic of debate and mystery.

According to the charts, your music finds love within the European countries. Do you plan a tour there?

With proper funding, that would be great! I'm also planning to play some shows with friends in California. We're still trying to iron out dates and it takes time to plan since I need to get a Visa for the US.


Timothy Haydes said...

She got she music that thrills my mind.

Thank you so much for the introduction.

Great music blog, Chris.


Diana Jones said...

Good morning from London, Chris.

Christine creates uniques tunes.

Crankbox-music promotes the sweetest music "in town".

Have a lovely day,
Diana Jones

Anonymous said...

Outstanding music.

Chris, thank you for introducing her.


Steve Haidon said...

I love your "Here I stand" most.

Such lovely music.


Ben Youth said...

Her tunes are very, very unique.

Great blog.


Christine Leakey said...

Thank you so much everyone, for all your wonderful and supportive comments! :)