Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heidi Little - the interview
by Chris Koppers/Image courtesy of Heidi Little

Heidi is an exceptional and down-to-earth musician with classy tunes such as "Butterfly", "Shine", "The way" and many more. 

Heidi has some time for an interview. Learn more about her skills,  her message, and encounter her infinite cheerfulness:

You wrote your first song in 1995 and since then you have been providing your message of love.
How would you describe your process from 1995 until now?

I write everyday, and live in absolute service to the delivery of the message.
What is your current mission? My current mission is to sing as beautiful as I can, while promoting the best in people, love, harmony, peace and beauty through music, lyric and stage performance.

You have performed for Prince Charles and Prince Edward? Can you tell us the story behind it?

I am a Saskatchewan lady, born in the prairies, in the Queen city of Regina, Sask, Canada. I was getting in deep with the Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association. They knew what I stood for, and made the choice to have me perform the welcoming cerimony’s it went over really well.

How much fun was involved?

Just enough to keep me performing for the rest of my life!

Please tell us somewhat about your recent EP release "Power and Light".

Power & Light is a five song EP in the World, AAA, Pop, and Rock Genres, that took five years to make. It is something I am really proud of, it’s been a long time in coming and the message has as well. For the power and light within us all. It is time to shine.

Where will you see yourself in 2014? 

Touring the world, at festivals, theaters, maybe even stadiums. Surrounded more and more by people who care, and are saving everything from the wildlife to the oceans, to our children’s future. And feeling really good within ourselves.

Please complete:

My music is ... beautiful and magical
I love to ...sing.
Composing songs is like ... meditation only deeper.

What was your sweetest moment on stage?

When 5000 people sing “Yes aha we’re gonna make peace today, Yes aha we’re going to do it our way “ with me.

One of my 'picture this' questions:

Picture a world of windmills, and solar, of rain water catchment and hydro electricity, where oil is done and love is on, where there is no killing, and abuse in all it’s forms is illegal.

You are on a lonely island. What do you want to do?

a) Call some friends to party.
b) Take that chance to get inspirations for lyrics.
c) Try to get the entire picture of this lovely island and let other folks know about how beautiful nature can be.

All THREE !!

How would you define success? 

A balanced life of mind body heart and soul. Coupled with dreams made reality, and enough money to live a nice life and to help others live a nice life.

Where can we find/purchase your music?


In virtual album format here :

On Itunes here :
And all over the web on cdbaby and amazon.

Thank you for taking your time, Heidi. 


Joann Anderson said...

Great interview, Chris.

I love her music.

Best wishes from Dublin,

Serena G. said...

Hope she plans an European tour soon.

She creates fabulous music!

Extraordinary music blog.


Serena G.

Jonathan S. said...

Cool blog.

I love your idea to publish authentic musicians!

Keep on doing that.

Jonathan S.

Rose B. said...

She got some fine solid tracks.

She must be awesome on stage.
Thank you for sharing the interview, Chris.


Camilla R. said...

Great coverage. Period.

Wish you success for both of you.

All the best,

Lucy T. said...

Sweet, Chris.

Love your style. Heidi got talent :)


Jamie said...

She is one of my favourite female singers!

Thanks for sharing.

Jamie :)

Jack from London said...

Just great and your blog is terrific.

Cheers from London,

Anonymous said...


Love your blog.

I sent you a message.

Vincent W. said...

I wish her all the success she wants.

Great blog. It differs from all the others.

Your new fan,

Hanna said...

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Brooke B. said...

love her song the way.

Thanks for sharing.

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Heidi Little said...

Joann and Chris thank you very much love it !! Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Hi Serena looking forward to a European tour love to have you there ! Thank you very much love and light Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Yes Chris!!

Heidi Little said...

Yayeee Jamie looking forward see you soon I hope :) love and light thanks Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Thanks Rose I've heard all kinda of goodness over the years looking forward to concerts!! See you there I hope :) love and light Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Thanks Jack and Chris !! Best Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Thanks Vincent ! I wish us all the success we need :) love Heidi

Mindy E. said...

I love her new single "no more war" and I am always pleased to experience more of her music.

Chris, thank you for sharing the interview with us.

You are my number 1 for music!

Much love,

Jennifer Clarkson said...

I see how much love Heidi is willing to share the audience with us.
What musician "sacrifice" his/her time to say thank to those who submitted comments? Heidi :D

Heidi is a great music artist with the biggest heart on earth.

I am glad to read the interview here, because Chris knows the values about reporting the righteous way. Nowadays I see "journalists" digging for filthy rubbish they call coverage.

Thank you Heidi and Chris for the joy we both cause.

Best for you,
Jennifer Clarkson, Tampa, FL.

Jimmy said...

Her music is great.

See ya,

Georgia L. said...

Heidi is so talented!

I've just checked her music.

Thank you so much for sharing the interview.

Great blog :)

Georgia L.

Diane said...

Hi Chris,

your blogzine is amazing.

Thank you for introducing Heidi. She creates magic.

I hope to see more articles in the near future.

One of your numerous fans :)
Best wishes and take care.


Louis said...

Hey hey,

Her music got something special.



Liana H. said...

Some of her songs touch my heart.

THANK YOU for sharing, Chris.


Ivana Z. said...

I see your rentless dedication, Chris.

Heidi Little is suberp.

I bet I will witness more brilliant coverages pretty soon.

Ivana from Poland.

Anonymous said...

Sweet and great music.

A new fan :)

Hunny hugs,

Olivia B. said...

Dear Chris,

I fell in love with your blog.
Heidi's music will add my collection.

Thank you so much for introducing her.


Victoria said...

Nice posting.

Great blog.

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Heidi Little said...

Thank you Jennifer and all love communication :) to keeping on :) love and light Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Thanks Camilla success to us all love Snd light Heidi

Heidi Little said...

Awesome Mindy !!! Love and light Heidi

Unknown said...

Thanks Goergia so happy we are now friends :) love and light Heidi

Camilla R. said...

Thank you, Heidi.

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Beautiful Camilla thank you !

Anonymous said...

Awesome reading all the posts!!! Incredible gal! :) JC