Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heidi Anne - When the sun comes up

Story and interview by Chris Koppers/images courtesy of Heidi Anne

Heidi is a charming and an outspoken musician who got so much energy she could provide enough electricity for a small state, let us take Delaware, and that will last for several months without interruption.
Heidi presents her latest song "When the sun comes up" and she tells us something about the making of.

--- Interview ---
Scanning your name via youtube will immediately display your song "When the sun comes up" with a current hits of over 613.000. How was the making of? How much fun was involved?

Haha, yeah I can’t believe I’m the most famous Heidi Anne on youtube (score) ;) the making of was great – the team was very professional, however I am sure it was more fun for T-Pain and crew since their parts were filmed living it up in the sun on Miami beach… Lucky lads! Although travelling to Verona to do a music video shoot was a pretty exciting experience for me too! They also gave me lots of nice pizza which was a bonus ;)

What is your recent project?

I am currently working with a variety of great artists that contacted me regarding collaborating, so there are many projects to mention I couldn’t possibly pick one, they are all exciting. I am working with DJ Kuba & Neitan in Poland, DJ Sheikh in Poland, Carlprit, Famoe, M-Eazy Music (as a songwriter), The Conquista Boyz in Miami, Amari and many more. I also recently was asked to submit a song that I wrote for DJ Pauly D’s album, so fingers crossed about this. :)

Being a female Pop musician ... how does it feel like? Is it tough to compete with others, because you are a lady?

I think there is always going to be competition in whatever you do, but as long as you treat others (your competitors) well, then you should receive the same in return. I have a few female friends that are in the music industry too but it’s hard to get too close to people when they are in effect your competition. I’m all for the ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ philosophy.
What are the key essentials for composing your style/music?

I think the main essential element is creating a catchy hook for a song (otherwise known as a chorus to anyone who’s not down with the music industry lingo) haha, the hook is the part of the song that sticks itself inside people’s heads so they don’t stop singing it and don’t forget it. The modern way of doing this is to keep the song structure simple, over complicating things don’t go in your favour. I also think the music is equally as important, get me a catchy beat and I can write a banger.

Where will you see yourself in 2014?

In 2014, I will hopefully have made a big enough name for myself around Europe (and maybe even the rest of the world lol) that I will be touring and performing to fans, I will be doing what I am doing now but much more of it. I will hopefully have a bit more money in the bank too with a bit of luck ;) haha.

Do you have a specific music artist you would like to work with (for future projects)?

I would love to work alongside Neyo, I’ve always loved his style and talent and his taste in hatsis awesome! Haha.. to collab with him would be my absolute dream, I really hope this happens eventually. I would also love to work alongside The Script, you can’t beat their music.

Please pick one and tell us why.

My music is...

a) composed to heavy dancefloor activities.
b) my life.
c) my favorite "waste" of time. 

b) my life.
I answer ‘b’ because the other 2 answers seemed a bit random and as cheesy as it sounds music is kind of my life right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I dedicate all the time I have to forwarding my career and thoroughly enjoy doing so, I don’t only want this to be a hobby, I want this to be a fulltime thing, and loving it so much is a huge bonus.

Where can we find/purchase your music?

You can purchase my single on Itunes or Amazon. ‘When the sun comes up’ is the only one available right now, but there will be more soon, keep an eye out.

Heidi, thank you for being here on crankbox-music.


Frank P. said...

She got the groove.

I love her style.
Btw, same for your blog. It rocks!


Jim Pack said...

Sweet girl with an awesome voice.

I do hope to see more of her.

Chris, get your camera ready for the incredible Heidi. She will burn your glasses with her beauty.

Jim Pack

Curtis L. said...

Dear Chris,

Your blog contains brilliant musicians who won't find with a love of detail on mainstream media.

Please keep up that way.
Heidi is fabulous, despite the fact I am not into her genre.

Have a good day,

Anonymous said...

Seen her on youtube before.

Sexy girl with a fine voice.

Thanks for sharing.

Bob Jennings said...

Da sun goes up when I hear that song.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sweeeeet sounds.

Time for clubbin' :)

Seth T. said...

Awesome blog.

I like Heidi's voice.
She got great potential.

See ya,

Anonymous said...

Sexy and ambitious. Perfect combination.

Great blog.