Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shannon Labrie 
Interview by Chris Koppers
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Shannon LaBrie

Shannon's soulful voice comes along with a wide range of melodies with a sky high entertainment factor. 

I am thrilled to share Shannon's interview with you:

What has been the inspiration behind your songs and songwriting?
My biggest inspiration is my life.That's all music is. It is one persons unique take on life. All the pain, suffering, joys, losses and victories. For me, my greatest inspirations in life are usually the most painful moments. It's coming out of them and seeing life from a new perspective that really gets me going.

Who is the most supportive person for your music?

Instinctively I have to say my Mom and my producers Zod Lounge. My mom rocks and Zodlounge…..well…..they are kind of like a pack of dogs and they treat me like their queen. Ha! No, in all seriousness, they have my back and have provided a safe place for me to be completely honest and creative. They are like brothers to me and I could trust my life with them.

What is your latest project?

My first full length album. It is set to release in January and I couldn't be more pumped. We just got it mastered a few weeks ago!

Your song 'I remember a boy'. How much Shannon is involved? Do you open your heart and thoughts entirely to compose that song or do you still have a "sanctuary" where only you have access?

This song particularly took on a deeper honesty than I had experienced previously. If it weren't for the heartache and pain in my life that led up to this song I would have a VERY different upcoming album. In my personal opinion, there is no point in writing songs if your not going to be honest. People don't connect or want to see someone bull shit. We are all hungry for the honest truth and as artists I feel like it's our job to bare it all.

My producers and I sat in the studio recently with some business colleagues to listen through the whole album. EVERY SINGLE SONG that played I felt more and more uncomfortable. I felt like I had stripped naked in front of my business colleagues and friends and that they found out my most intimate thoughts. It was AWESOME!
I left feeling very proud that every lyric, chord and melody I wrote was honest and true to who I am. I'm thankful to say that every song on my upcoming album represents me fully as a musician, songwriter and woman.

Where will you see yourself in 2014?

Kicking some [censored] on tour I hope:-). Actually, I'll probably be coming back from tour and recording a new album!

One of my 'picture this' questions:
Loony scientists invented the time machine. You can be the test pilot and you are on your first mission.
What time is your destination? Why?

Time: 1995 in Lincoln, NE.
Why? Because that is the year before I started getting sick with a life threatening illness and it's the year before my dad got cancer.

I would love to go back to that time and get a hug from him. He gave the best hugs.

What is your favorite instrument?'

Spoons. I love eating ice-cream with spoons while others play them.

What do you miss in today's music business?

I'd have to say I really miss the good old days when people paid for music and it was more about talent than being savvy on the inter webs.

Thank you for taking your time, Shannon.

Editor's note:
Shannon published a new hot record and I truely believe you will love it:


Pete said...

Great coverage.

She got what is takes for getting a supastar!

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Best music I' ve heard recently.

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Sweet voice.

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I luv her music!

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Marilee from Romania

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Love your blog and Shannon got real talent.

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A fan of her. :)

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She is like pure vanilla.

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