Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alexandra Legouix and the Sunflowers - smooth

Story and interview by Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Alexandra Legouix

Alexandra and her band are fully loaded with unleashed vigor. May I introduce these exceptional artists to you?

Alexandra Legouix (lead vox/writer), Nero (guitar/writer), Lizzie Sambrook (sax), Tracey Ayer (bass), James Argyle (guitar) - shaken and not stirred - they provide a fusion of Latin, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Pop influences.

The music is joyful and pleasant. There is no other way, you have to go to their gigs. For all my non-British readers, you should book a flight to London right away, because Alexandra and her crew are on tour thoughout England.

The hyper-talented Alexandra had some moments for crankbox-music.

How does it feels like being the front lady of Alexandra Legouix& The Sunflowers?

It’s great! I love it! I spent years trying to find my niche. I tried fronting function bands, rock bands, blues bands and eventually I just thought right, that is it, I HAVE to create something that is truly me and I will find musicians who believe in the music and the style. Then I met Martyn (Nero) by chance at a gig and we clicked musically and personally and that was it. He understood my passion for this new style and he brought more ideas to the pot than I could have dreamt of. Since then, as a team, we have worked hard developing this style and the music and we are now lucky enough to have three other amazingly talented ‘Sunflowers’ who are as passionate about the music and the future of the band as we are. I have gone from feeling very ‘solo’ to very much part of a creative unit and I literally love it!

What is your current project/mission?

Phew. Seriously I have way too many missions! But, the overall one with the band is to finish the new album and get the video done. Since the addition of the truly great Tracey Ayres (bass dude) and James Argyle (guitar extraordinaire) we have a new honed and toned sound so we are re-recording most of our existing tracks for the new album. We are also remixing some of the original tracks and we have a top DJ remixing ‘Why can’t I be like Lola’, so that’s keeping us fairly busy.

How would you describe the key elements that make your band so unique?

I think the combination of sounds and styles makes us so unique. We have a fabulous sax chick (Lizzie Sambrook) – you can’t really beat sax can you? I play the accordion – albeit rather badly – but this makes for a unique edge. Then literally every song is different. If you like reggae – we have reggae; if you like jazz – we have jazz; if you like bossa – we have bossa; and somehow it really isn’t traditional or typical in its feeling but has quite a funky feel to it which people don’t necessarily link with those styles.

Where is your favorite venue to perform your music?

We have a residency at one of the coolest bars in London! We are so lucky. It’s a secret Speakeasy bar in the Chelsea Cloisters called ‘Barts’.Upon arrival you have to find the sercret entrance, then ring a door bell and wait for someone to open the hatch to check if you are crazy enough to e let in. Once in, you are expected to drink, be merry and dive into the big fancy dress chest and don a silly wig and a penguin suit (or something equally silly!). Great fun! Then, we also absolutely love playing at The Troubadour, The Bedford and Jagz in Ascot.

Where will you see yourself in 2013?

Our aims include performing at some of the major festivals. The Big Chill Festival is a major aim for me and we would be perfect there. We really are so suited for the festival crowd!

We have another live lounge coming up on BBC Radio (31 Aug) which is great so more radio play would be fantastic. We are also being played on Heart FM Spain and this year we were asked to perform in the Marbella Festival so some more travelling would be good. We go down very well with the European audience. I think the sun helps with our music! Alhough I was recently told by a fan that he was listening to our songs in the car when it was raining and it really lifted his mood and he could pretend he was in a beach bar somewhere exotic and that was great. That’s exactly what I want our music to do to people!

Who is the most supportive person when it comes to your music?

We have lots of true regular supporters which is great. Our friends and family always make the effort to attend gigs and we have some really loyal ‘fans’too now… My mum seems to have made herself our band mascot as she comes to absolutely everything which is amazing! I think I may have to make her a random backing dancer or something! :)

Where can people find/purchase your music?


Then you will find some of our music in Spotify and on itunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc but keep an eye out for the NEW album coming out in September.

Thank you for your time, Alexandra.


Keith U. said...

Hey, hey. I am about to get my tickets for the Wokingham Festival and Alex will be there as well.

Awesome coverage.

Anonymous said...

You bring the coolest sound to your blog, Chris.

I already like that type of music.
Guess, I need to book a flight to London :)

John from lovely South Korea

Lena A. said...

More than smooth.
Love it.

Love, crankbox, too.


Leon from Manchester said...

Brilliant voice.

I hope there will be another coverage of her soon.

Leon from Manchester

Bryan said...

True, gotta go to the gig.

Funky sound :)


Timmy the man said...


Chris, you have to go there and take some pics.

Alex is going to be fabulous once you get your camera ready.


Brenda said...

I like her music :)

Thanks for sharing.


Steph said...


Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Much love,

Sean from Dublin said...

Hmm, I know that lady. She was on BBC, right? Anyway, great coverage and oustanding music.

Keep up the excellent work.

Sean from Dublin

Natasha said...

super cool music... why haven't we heard of this band before??? LOVE it!!

Alexandra Legouix said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your comments... Keith, Im so sorry but we are no longer playing at the Wokingham Festival :-( but keep an eye on our reverbnation site and if you are local to that area then you can see us at The Cellar Bar, Bracknell soon; The Wokingham Jazz Club (Cantley House) in Oct; and The Jagz at Ascot in Oct too.

Robert said...

Chris got talent for lovely ladies. I did not there was such amazing singer in town. Alex's voice is sooooo dreamy.

The melodies are perfectly tailored for her voice.

It's about time to see them on Top 10!

Thank you both Chris and Alex for the beautiful article.

All the best.

Alexandra Legouix said...

And if you are a Londoner come to the Barts Speakeasy that I mention in the article: www.barts-london.com/events/bartsmusicbox280812 Thanks guys :-)

Martyn said...

You forgot to mention, Al - the biggest challenge with Barts is finding the place! Best kept secret in town ;)

Tom said...

Amazing music blog.

It is always a pleasure to learn more about gifted musicians I have not known before.

Great music.

Anonymous said...

I knew I could use this blog for finding new and cool music.

Thanks, Chris


Billy said...

I stumpled across your blog, cuz i was looking for music and all I see is hot stuff.

Thanks for sharing. I LOVE Alex's music :)

Good day,


Bradley from IL said...

Hello crankbox-music.

This is a stunning lady.
I liek your blog - so refreshing than all the others.

Keep it up.

Layla M. said...

Love that band and crankbox, too.

I put you on my favourites :)


Lesley D. said...


Thanks for sharing.

I love that sound :)

Thank you.