Friday, August 10, 2012

Courtney Randall - The one

Story and interview by Chris Koppers, photograph courtesy of Courtney Randall

She appeared on my radar with her song "the one" which can be seen on youtube  - it is Courtney's winning performance at UCLA's Spring Sing 2011. 

Her thrilling voice and the vibrant melody of her guitar are the perceptive combination for making "the one" a buoyant music experience.

Courtney had some moments to talk about her upcoming debut EP, her plans, and how Chris Brown might come into play.

--- Interview ---
What is your current project?

I am currently working in the studio writing and recording my debut EP, which will be filled with all original songs. I cannot wait!!!

Do you have long-term plans for your music?

Definitely! I hope to have the opportunity to make music my career and travel the world on tour. Music is my passion and I know it will be a part of me for my whole life.

Who is your supportive person when it comes to music matters?

My parents and younger brother are definitely my support system. They are the very first to hear the songs I write, and they constantly encourage me to do what I love and believe in it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Certain emotions or moments that I experience in my life are what I write about in my songs. But more generally, I am just amazed that music can take one person's ideas and words and carry them to every single city on the planet. The possibility that my music could inspire or bring joy to someone I've never met before inspires me.

Please pick one and tell us why.

My fans are...
a) the main reason why I continue my music career.
b) grateful for the songs I perform for them.
c) paving the way for bigger shows.

a), the main reason I continue my music career, and I hope B and C are true also! Anyone who enjoys and supports my music is another reason I want to continue to create music to share with them. They make me smile every day and I truly hope to meet as many of my fans as possible! If they are paving the way for bigger shows, it's going to be fun. We can do it, guys!

What is your favorite song?

Almost impossible to answer that question!! At the moment, my favorite song is "Don't Wake Me Up" by Chris Brown.

How do you see yourself in a row of female musicians?

I do take my work seriously, but I also really treasure the fun that comes with music, and I think that people pick up on that when I perform! And the fact that people are able to feel the joy I feel when performing is something that I think makes my music stand out. I really strive to write songs that set a good example for not only teens and adults, but also for kids. From the bottom of my heart, I really want to be a positive role model for my fans.

Please pick one and tell us why.

My music is...
a) my life.
b) enabling me to express my thoughts and feelings.
c) paying my dues.

a) my life. Honestly if I'm not singing, then I am probably listening to music, writing lyrics in my head, or daydreaming about possible melodies. And because music is my life, it is the avenue through which I feel most comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings, which is incredible and can be very healing.

Do you have a specific music artist you would love to work with?

My goal is to record and perform a song (or five) with Chris Brown. It's going to day!

Thank you, Courtney.

Get more of her right here:


Julie M. said...

Hello Chris,

Hmm, she covered some Bieber's songs, right. She has talent.

I love the one.
Thank you for sharing :)


Chelsea H. said...

Amazing voice.

Your crankbox blog is my favourite (always wanted to say it).

Keep on publishing!

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. So refreshing and down to earth.


Wish you success,

Sue L. said...

I have seen her on youtube before.

You are always getting the best ladies in town, eh?

No doubt, everyone loves your format.

Keep on doing so!
Sue from Bray, Ireland.

Kitty said...

Love it. Love it. Love it!!!

I play music, too.
Chris, I send you a message and you could write something about my band. Would be awesome.


Bobby T. said...

She got talent.

I bet she will not be featured on crankbox the last time.

Great blog btw.


Anonymous said...


Hope to see more of her soon.

Anonymous said...

she is amazing<3