Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gabby Covay presents: ChildHood Dream
Special announcement by Gabby Covay

Our single “Childhood Dream” is here, guys! It’s a vanilla-sweet R&B/Pop track with Asian pop influences about a guy who’s fallen haaaaard for his childhood friend.

“Living in a childhood dream, picture-perfect like a movie scene”

When the producer Eddie first sent me the instrumental I was immediately drawn to its dreamy, childlike qualities. Right off the bat, I knew it had to be a track about friendship and love. I had originally written the rap verses as well but Tyler ultimately decided to use his own – good move, Tyler! I can do a lot of things, but rapping is certainly NOT one of them – haha!

So, you LIKE? Leave us a comment on YouTube. You LOVE? Spare a few cents and buy “Childhood Dream” on iTunes!

Au revoir.


Anonymous said...

Like :)

Jon H.

Ashley T. said...


Thanks for sharing.

Ashley T.

Anonymous said...

Like, too.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing. Another highlight before I go to bed.

Love that song.

Daniel G. said...

Wow. What a helluva song.

Thanks for letting me know.

Daniel G.

Brandon D. said...

Great song.

I hope to see more.

Btw, your crankbox blog is awesome.
When can I see new images taken by your old cameras?


William B. said...

It sounds like a must have!

Thank you for sharing. Your blog is a must read/see.

Keep on doing that.

William B.

Ryan S. said...

Can't get enough of that sound.

Thank you for sharing.
Your blog is a bomb!


Ryan S.

Tony L. said...

Funky tunes. Love it.
Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Greetings Tony