Monday, August 6, 2012

Courtney Pierce - Raw, bold, and intense.

Story and interview by Chris Koppers, photograph courtesy of Courtney Pierce

Courtney is an original from a dreamy, little town in South Alabama. Being a musician is her passion. Courtney recently moved to Nashville, TN and immediately has started to work on her first resounding album.

Despite of busy as heck, Courtney had a few moments to talk about her current situation.

--- Interview ---

What is your recent project?

Hmmm. My current project right now is just writing for my first album, and getting ready to record my new single!

Where is your favorite spot to perform your music?

My favorite spot to perform, probably in my old college town at a place called Cabanas(located in Pensacola, FL), best crowd ever!

Please pick one and tell us why.
What comes first for your music career?
a) Loyalty
b) Fame and money
c) Tenability
d) Fun

FUN!! I have to have fun first for sure or else its not worth it, but Loyalty is second for sure.. I want to be loyal to my fans and I need loyal people around me...

What is your favorite song?

 My all time favorite song is "Because of you" By Kelly Clarkson, It holds alot of meaning to me.

What music genre inspires you most?

The genre that inspires me most is probably 80's rock.. Journey, Pink Floyd, fleet wood mac, those guys are my heros!

What do you miss in today's music industry?

Hmm.. I miss the scouting, labels don't do that anymore! Also I miss orginality.

Where will you see yourself in 2014?

In 2014 I will hopefully be signed to a major label, but what I want more than anything is for as many people as possible to hear my music, I have SOMETHING to say, so listen :)

Thank you for taking your time, Courtney.


John L. said...

Sexy girl. Gotta listen to her music.

Thanks for posting this, Chris.

John L.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing her, Chris.

Need to get her sounds.

Stay sharp.

Robert A. said...

I'll go ahead and plug it for ya, Courtney... August 28th at Cabanas!