Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brittany fox - pursuing a dream
Interview by Chris Koppers, photogrraphs courtesy of Brittany Fox
Performing music means sharing love with others - that is Brittany's principle and she follows her dream.

Brittany gives a profound view behind her music:

What is your current project?  
My current project is really just to try to get myself into anything I can, getting my name out there and branching out into different audiences in different areas. In the last few years I've been able to sing at a few national events that have been able to expand my "fan" base somewhat. It's always nice to sing somewhere and then to get a Facebook post the next day from someone who is from hours away telling you they enjoyed hearing you. It definitely feels good.
How do you get your name out there? Does social networking help?

Social networking helps IMMENSELY! It makes it easier for someone to find you and get in contact with you. I also call around to event organizers who say they are looking for entertainment for their event.

Please pick one and tell us why?
My music....
a) enjoys people.
b) embodies my personality.
c) should be your next purchase.
b) My music embodies my personality, definitely! I love to sing my favorite songs and songs that reflect what I'm going through at a particular time. Right now my boyfriend is deployed to Afghanistan so while he's been gone I've thrown "Come Home Soon" by SheDaisy into my setlist and dedicate it to anyone who has a loved one overseas. It (music) is definitely a way for me to express myself and cope with emotions.
Your music means 100% Brittany pure, right?
If you mean "pure" as in heartfelt and emotional, yes. Music moves me and is such a powerful force in my daily life. There's a song for every emotion and every mood and if I'm feeling sad, there's a song to uplift me. I sing songs I believe in and songs that move me.
Where will you see yourself in 2014?
In 2014 I see myself possibly moving To Nashville to give myself a shot to pursue my dream of singing. But if I don't, I'm perfectly content with just singing for my own personal enjoyment.
Nashville seems to be your aimed spot to, let us say, broaden your musical horizon? What would be your main goal there?
I believe that if I really want to pursue my career in music, I will have to go to where the business is. My main goal in Nashville would be to meet with music labels and producers, etc. to evaluate my talent and see if they felt I had what it took to make it in the business. Then I would like to find some gigs at downtown Nashville hot spots and build a local following and, by their word of mouth, keep
building on that following.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I was first inspired by a girl in my home town who I looked up to as a kid, her name is Jill. I always wanted to be, and sing, like her. She pushed me to enter my very first competition and I've been singing and competing ever since. She lit the fire in my heart to sing. I stay inspired by those who never give up on their dreams and what they love to do. I'm inspired by those who get to travel the country/world and get up on stage every night and do what they love to do in front of thousands of people.

How would you define "the perfect gig"? What needs to be done for that?

The "perfect gig", for me, was actually right in my hands this spring but unfortunately fell through the night before because of unforeseen circumstances. (no fault of any of the scheduled performers) I was scheduled to be an opening act for my favorite artist, Jason Michael Carroll, and also Mark Wills and Eric Lee Beddingfield. That was my "Dream Gig"! It doesn't get much more perfect than getting to open for your favorite artist. Unfortunately it fell through the night before, but maybe I'll get another shot at some point down the road.

Do you have a specific music artist you would like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with my favorite artist, Jason Michael Carroll, of course! :) And would also love to work with Carrie Underwood. She is so amazingly talented and is a huge inspiration to younger singers.

What is your favorite song? Can you tell us why? 
My favorite song? Wow, that's a tough one! I have a bunch of favorite songs and it kind of depends on what mood I'm in. But I would have to say that my absolute favorite song is "Stray" by Jason Michael Carroll. I have never been so anxious for a song to be released by an artist. I first heard it back in 2008 when I saw him for the first time and I could only listen in YouTube. So I would play it over and over on YouTube. He finally put it on his "Numbers" album and it was released in July of 2011. I'm a happy camper now, I can listen to it whenever I want! I love it because it's just a beautiful piece all around. Jason's pice is just so powerful and that kind of a song just sucks you in! You'll have to listen to it to understand. :)

Brittany Fox with Jason Michael Carroll.

Please choose one and tell us why:
Dreams are...
a) there to make them into reality.
b) not worthy to be considered, because of reality.
c) a kind of sanctuary when times are rough.
a) Dreams are there to make into a reality. As a little girl, I dreamed of doing all the things that Jill (the girl I mentioned earlier who was an inspiration to me) had done. Over the years, I've been able to accomplish some of those dreams! It's a great feeling to think back to when you said, "wow, I would LOVE to be able to do that!" ...and then to be able to say that you actually DID! Dreaming keeps you excited and working towards something and gives you hope. Don't ever give up on your dreams.




Anonymous said...

She makes fantastic music and I like her name.

Chris, thank you for sharing. I wait your new layout.

Brittany :)

Tom the G. said...

Hmm, is not that the girl I have seen on Idol?

Nonetheless, she got serious talent.

Thank you for the coverage and keep on posting.

Tom Gregory

Anonymous said...


Brittany Fox said...


Thank you for the kind words! I DID audition for American Idol in July of 2011. I didn't make it very far, though. They said they "Weren't looking for any more country singers." Oh well, It was a GREAT experience and I would definitely do it again!

-Brittany Fox

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Thanks for sharing and for her links.

I am about get some music of her.

Greate blogzine. I can't wait for your new layout.

Thank you,
Natalie L.