Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Silver Swans - omnipresent on youtube

Interview by Chris Koppers
In 2007, Silver Swans, the dreamy electro pop project, was founded by two highly talented individuals Jon Walters and Ann Yu. Based in San Francisco, they both prospered their project into a shape of an amazing record.   
Ann had some minutes for cranbox-music:
You both composed the the project "Silver Swan" in San Francisco. How did you meet? Who had the idea to combine our talents?
We met during the myspace days. Jon contacted me to sing on one of his tracks, and the process was very new and exciting for me having been in organic bands my whole life. So much that I asked him to send me more tracks to work with. And the rest is history!

How would you define our style among the masses of other musicians? What makes you unique?

I don't think we do anything in particular to make our sound unique necessarily. We are influenced by our own experiences and we try to keep our process and lyrics as personal to us as possible so as not to lose touch with what inspires us. We are a personal and intimate band in every sense.

What was the concept for composing your 'secrets'?

Every song is a unique process. Sometimes Jon will send me a track that I record vocs and lyrics to. Other times, I will send Jon a melody and guitar part which he produces into a track. We always finish songs together and make edits as we go through the songwriting process.

What is your current project?

Writing the next album!

Where will you see yourself in 2013?

Releasing the next album! :)

How do you see today's music industry? Is it easier to produce the music you want today and is the omnipresent availability to stream, download, etc. music more a curse than a boon?

I think you have to adapt to the process. It is becoming easier and easier to produce amazing tracks on your own and equally as easy to download those tracks online for free. I don't hate that it's become this way, I see it as an opportunity to reach more people. There is an unlimited amount of tools out there now to create the kind of music you want with very little equipment.

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