Monday, August 13, 2012

Liz Primo - the creative force
Story and interview bt Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Liz Primo

Liz illuminates the dance floor.
Leaving home at the age of 17, Liz knew how to make things happen and commenced her music career.

"My first single State of Amazing was played on MTV Mexico, and my second single Wind Me Up is on MTV Latin America right now."

In other words: her message is around the world.

Breathtaking Liz had some moments for crankbox-music.

What is your current project?

I am currently working on some new songs in the studio with Michael Bradford. I just released a single called I Want More. I Want More is a bit different then my other songs. A little more laid back, and less pop I'd say. Dark Intensity did a remix, and I love that he made it sound more trance. It's not the type of song that people are gravitating to at the moment, but it is my favorite song I have ever written, and I think people will really love it once they feel it like I do.

How did it all start? Do you remember the moment when you have opted to step into the music world? Or was it a, let us say a smooth transition into this?

I have always sang. I guess because my mom was always singing. Singing makes my heart happy, and its a safe place for me. My father was against me singing, and so I actually went to collage to study physical therapy. There are many reasons I didn't finish school, but one was that I wanted to sing, and I wanted to move to Nashville eventually. At that time my friend Tommy Shane Steiner got a record deal with RCA, and introduced me to a voice teacher, she lived in Nashville, and said if I was serious I needed to move. Country music was what I was born around being from Texas, so thats what I was doing back then. Nashville is a fabulous place to meet artists, writers, everyone in the music bizz are easy to find, and get to know. I met some of the greatest people there, and some of the worst. lol! Country music was never really in my heart of hearts. I was a child meant for raves, house music really gets me going! I started experimenting with dance music, and thats how I ended up where I am now! Nothing about the music biz is smooth for anyone! LOL!

Please pick one and tell us why.
Liz Primo is...
a) the perfect choice when it comes to music entertainment.
b) a hard working musician and everyone should have knowledge of her.
c) multi-talented and she loves her fans. No fans - no me.

I would say B. I work very hard. I'm a really hard worker no matter what I do. I'm also pretty humble. I'm not the worst at what I do, and I'm not the best at what I do. But, I loooove what I do, and I always do my best, and I think that is what matters the most. Should everyone know about me... that would be nice! LOL! I think anyone who works hard at what they do and knows struggle wants some kind of recognition. That would be the ultimate reward. And I would say C also, bc there is nothing better then someone singing your song with you while your on stage. And, the sweet twitter and FB messages mean the world to me! Absolutely, no other feeling in the world is so rewarding and it makes all the hard work worth it. Fans are what keep me going!!! I Big Puffy Heart them All!!!!!

Where will you see yourself in 2013?

The Future is wide open!! I'm not really one of those people who write down their goals for the next year. I get really pissed if I set a goal and it isn't reached, so for 2013 I will keep being myself, making great music, hustling, and trying to make all those people in the previous question. Notice me!

We keep an eye on you, Liz. Thank you for taking your time.

Her music videos on youtube:





Jose said...

Sexy bonita with fat beats.

Can't get enough of her.

Jose from Spain :)

George H. said...

A true beauty.

Thanks for sharing, Chris

Neal F. said...

Sexy, sexy.

Hey Chris, you should take pics of her.

Love her sounds.

Neal F. from lovely Liverpool.

Todd said...

Like Neal said you should take pics of her in sexy black and white.

Does she have plans to come down to England?


John R. said...

I like wind me up.

Outstanding lady.
Thanks for sharing,Chris

John R.

Ramon E. said...

She is my electro pop queen!

Your blog is cool.

all the best,

Phill said...

Love her already.

Great blog!

Jeffrey I. said...

Sexy girl with telent.

Thanks for sharing


Wanna stay anonymous said...

She's like a dream

I hope to see more on crankbox

All the best.

Liz Primo said...

Thank you all so much! Such sweet feedback!!! Happy Tear, Tear!!! And, thank you Chris for having me here, I'm honored!!! And Jose, I am dying laughing right now, bc I thought at first you said I had fat breats aaahahaha!!!!! I was like WHAT!!!! LOL!!!!
Take Care and Thanks again for your support!!!xoxo and Big Puffy Hearts!
feel free to follow me on twitter and FB also!!

Jose said...

Liz Primo herself replied my comment. I need oxygen!

Where else can I get such sexy contacts with stunning ladies? Chris' crankbox makes it happen!!!

Si, Chris did a great job, but he can better, because of his camera.

Thank you Bonita Liz,

Crank Box - C. Koppers said...

Thank you, fans of Liz Primo.

Sooner or later I will take images of all musicians.

It would be fun with Liz.

We keep you posted. Thanks again.

Steve R. said...

I love the dark intensity vocalclub mix of wind me up.

Brilliant performer.

Hank said...

Beautiful blog and look, there is Liz Primo. She got talent and according to the comments she got humour. Sexy