Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jessica Frech - the LOL manufacturer 

Story and interview by Chris Koppers, photographs courtesy of Jessica Frech

I followed a trace of laughter. Millions of folks gathered around the screen just for one reason. Eyeballing Jessica Frech in action!

She gave her tribute to all out-of-the-norm dressed people of Walmart, but moreover, she gave us a chance to learn more about her.

                         --- Interview ---

People of Walmart. Your videos of youtube got tremendous success. Can you tell us more about the Walmart video? Was it you who came up with the idea? Have you ever expected almost 7 million-views (still counting) for People of Walmart 1?

Well the whole point of the Walmart video was to share my songwriting with professionals here in Nashville. My dad came to me the summer after my freshman year of college and said that'd he'd help me promote my music through social media, and the first project we did using that theory was the People of Walmart video. We noticed that POW's pictures had been spread through out music row (everywhere in general) and so we figured that if I wrote a song about the pictures then that would spread too! We never though 12 million x spread!

Your 'reality' album continues the saga of your success. How would you describe the multiple steps from the beginning to the final completion/release? Where was the fun galore factor? Video making? Composing lyrics?

I'm a songwriter at heart. I love performing, but my first nature is to sit down in a room for hours and hash out lyrics and melodies. The “Reality” album was a long time in the making. It consisted of production dreams that were 4 years old, as I wrote a few of the song on the album in high school. Thanks to Kickstarter and my wonderful giving fans, I was able to put every little detail that I had been dreaming of since I was 16 into this album!

What is your next mission?

My next adventure would be tour. I was able to do a little of that in Texas with Youtube's DigiTour and it was such a blast that I'd love to go on a full tour, or at least open up for some of my favorite artists on their tour.

Where will you see yourself in 2015?

Well, hopefully graduated from college! That's the year I'm supposed to anyhow since I added a double minor haha. I swear I'm out of my mind haha. Musically, I'd love to be a fulltime songwriter and performer. I love what I do on youtube and I never want to lose that, so hopefully somewhere in there I would be able to do what I do on Youtube more commercially.

How does an ordinary day in the life of Jessica Frech look like?
Lyrics are always running through my head. My inbox is full of emails titled “song ideas” that have been collected at different times of the day. When it's song challenge season and school season things can get pretty hectic (which is just about to happen come Aug 22). It's a constant time battle between school, music, and social life.”

Do you have a music artist or comedian you would love to work with?

Music wise I've recently been hooked on Grace Potter and Florence and the Machine. They both have new albums and I haven't stopped playing them. On the comedian side I love SNL. Specifically Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Please pick one and tell us why.

My music is...
a) made for laughing your [censored] off!
b) my way to deal with reality.
c) a decent way to pay my dues.

Definitely A! Laughing is the way I deal with reality haha! ← see?. People (including me) get in grumpy moods that are hard to shake. Some of the time people have a legitimate excuse to be that way, but most of the time they don't. I've found out that whether you have a reason to be sad or not, comedy will shake you out of that. You can only hold back a laugh for so long.”

One of my 'picture this' questions.
You are on a lonely island and your cell phone has enough juice for one last phone call.
What number would you dial?

a) Bob's Pizza - Because I need somewhat to bite.

b) call a friend and ask him/her for sending a video camera. I will run my own show on lonely island!

c) call the People of Walmart. They do not mind to pick me up - even with a shopping cart I have to share with a skunk.

Hard one! I'd call a friend to send me
a video camera. Then I'd write a song about pizza, and another walmart song! Then, maybe Bob will send me a pizza and POW
will send me a cart to float away in! Minus the skunk.

Thank you for the interview, Jessica.

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Jimmy B. said...

Ha ha ha.

Jessica is funny as hell.

I love your blog.

Keep on doing great coverages!


Henry said...

Lol. She ensures my [censored] gets laughed off.

Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

She is like clowns on fire.
I love her.