Monday, August 13, 2012

Larissa Ness - break the mold
Story and interview by Chris Koppers. Images courtesy of Larissa Ness
Larissa was highly trained for getting on top. She is a pianist, flutist and vocalist - and the combines several genres with her refreshing style. Larissa can be called a veteran, because she has been tapping the piano since the age of 3. Please check her videos on youtube and you certainly have the impression that the keys of her piano move as if by ghost's hands (because of her uncanny skills) - or for Larissa's case she plays the piano with her toes! Be the eyewitness and enjoy her exhilarant music video named "Thoughts of you".

Larissa is flying around the globe right now, but she got some moments for crankbox-music.

How is it being a successful electro pop/dance artist like you? Is it harder to get your career started, because you are a lady?

I love the genre of music I'm doing right now...I love making people want to move! And I enjoy working with dancers as well! Sometimes being a woman in the business can be hard because as a woman we tend to want to be sensitive to others' feelings when they give excuses for being late to rehearsal, or blow you off cuz "you're just a little girl", etc. But yes, I have to remind myself that being strong is not necessarily being the "B" word. Which is the quick go-to word for a lot of people when you refuse to be a pushover. :) So yes it's challenging to always maintain a good balance. I realize men deal with that in the biz world too, but it just seems to happen way more to women, in my opinion. Women get the double-standard.

What is your current project?

Right now I have some new music videos in the works, remixes and about to release some new photos from recent photoshoots. I just modeled some awesome new designs by Tracy Tenpenny and Rachelle Briton recently that I'm excited about. Also working on some new music, collaborating with some international DJs and doing a bit of writing. I'm also working with another cool new band, Girl Trip - a group of ALL woman musicians. Lots of fun. Girl Trip just shot a new music video in Beverly Hills, which was a trip! ;) We are also working in the studio with Kathy Valentine (The GoGo's) on the next release for the band.

Where will you see yourself in 2013?

Stepping it up!! More music videos, remixes and new collaborations. I also will be working on the next album.

Music videos. Your videos are sophisticated and in high quality. How much fun is involved with creating new videos? I LOVE making music videos. It's two of my favorite worlds fused together. Music that I created combined with acting, drama, performance and's so much fun!

Where do you get your inspirations from?

My last album I'd say was more influenced by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Deadmau5, Kaskade...I'm also very inspired by Diplo, Sunday Girl, Sia, David Guetta, Ellie Goulding.

How did all started? Can you remember that moment where you opted to become a musician?

I've been doing music my entire life. Started piano at 3 with my mom teaching me. She taught me classical piano growing up. I enjoyed musical theatre, jazz, country, grunge, rock and then pop. I wrote my first song around 16 years old and ended up performing it for my high school graduation. At 18 I got my first "paid gig" ($20) for playing piano and singing my own original material at a local bar in New Braunfels, "Uptown Piano Bar" ...that's when it all started. Having perfect strangers (that are used to hearing worn-out cover songs) love your original music was pretty motivating. Quite funny looking back now! You never know who's life you may affect with one word or compliment in a random bar in a random small town. ;)

Do you have a venue where you love to perform?

I have one cool very unique place in East Austin, ND, that I like pretty well because it has a great 2 story high screen for projections and a great stage...but really I'm not picky as long as there's a large stage and the sound & lighting are top notch. :)

Please pick one.
Live performing is... C)
a) the main reason why I am a music artist.
b) pure vanilla.
c) perfect for my for fans, because they can see me in action.

I pick c) :)

Thank you for taking your time, Larissa. Have a safe trip.

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