Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amanda Silvera - the supreme commander for music and TV

Story and interview by Chris Koppers, photographs courtesy of Amanda Silvera

Amanda does not run out of energy. It is not that easy to follow her high velocity trace. Blame her attitude - hard working, creative mind. Amanda is a lady with a heart on the right spot. Dedicated to her music and her filming.

Crankbox-music is thrilled to publish an interview with her. She talks about her recent projects, the Macklin Show, success, collaborations, and inspirations.

--- Interview ---
What is your current project?

Currently, I'm working on a few things.. kind of hopped back on the acting horse and couldn't be more excited.

I just landed a roll in a really cool web series called the Macklin Show. Can't wait to get into filming. I play an MTV type VJ. I have a pretty intense scene at the end.. some pretty shocking stuff happens..but I won't ruin it for you. You'll have to check it out and see for yourself:)
I'm also just about ready to release a single called "If you wanna love me" hopefully I'll get it out before the end of summer. It's a real fun summer jam.. with a--> king <---- (should be kind ) of "teach me how to dougie" feel. We are in pre-production for the video as well. Then I have a mix tape in the works as well as an album I plan to release early next year.

You will be featured in the Macklin Show. Can we expect more when it comes to film-matters from you?

Yes, I will be featured on the macklin show and i am in talks about a zombie flick in the coming year as well as a possible lead in an indie drama.Hopefully more lands on my plate!

How would you define success?

Nelson Mandela said “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”

I think that success is finding happiness in every moment of the journey towards your dreams.

I don't think it's all about the end of the road, or when you reach your pot of gold.

So many people spend their whole lives trying to find happiness... Letting their dreams destroy them as they seem to become further and further away. The truth is.. as long as you are working honestly, passionately, persistently.. and patiently towards your dream.. essentially you are living it. you are living your dream from the moment you commit to its pursuit and when you acknowledge that.. appreciate that.. you are succeeding.

Do you have a specific music artist in mind you would love to work with?

I would love to work with a handful of artists.. and producers. it's hard to pick just one. It would be cool to do some work with 40.

Please pick one and tell us why.

Becoming a musician was...
a) pretty hard, but I do not regret the progress at all.

b) the experience I have needed most to refine my musical skills.

c) a dream of my life and it still is.

c) I realized at a very young age that music was as important to my existence as oxygen is. NOTHING has ever made me feel the way creating music feels.. alone or in collaboration.. I am addicted to the max.. I feel like I really have no choice anymore.. this is it. I am so thankful to have this connection and outlet.. I really do feel like I'm living my dream. I think about the little girl I once was and I'm like.. wow.. that girl legit spent nights.. begging god. praying.. crying.. for direction.. I knew exactly what I wanted I just didn't know how to get there. but somehow things just kind of came together.. fast forward a century or so and there I am.. sharing a stage with Brian McKnight.. SWV.. ginuwine.. singing songs I wrote in new countries.. where people in the audience know the words.. collaborating with childhood idols.. like.. woah.. sometimes I have to remind myself that this is real.

Please complete these sentences:

My music is....my savior

I love to...love

My next gig is...next week on the macklin show :)

Illegal music downloads are .... forcing us to find new ways to create a profit for the entire industry.

What music genre inspires you most?
I am inspired by any great music.. I love rock and roll, --- > m r&n, jazz <----- ( should be R&B ) , boroque, classical, neo soul.. pop.. hip hop, country. I love it all.

What is your favorite song?

I definitely don't have a favorite song. I don't really have a favorite anything. lol

Where will you see yourself in 2015?

In 2015 I will be on tour :)

www.twitter.com/amandasilvera (@amandasilvera)www.bandcamp.com/amandasilvera


Anonymous said...

I love her music, So talented.

Thanks for the interview.


Anonymous said...

She got the groooooove.

I hope to see more intervies of her on this medium.


Timmy from OH said...

You gotta love her.
It's like Chris wrote, never runs out of energy.

I hope crankbox will bring more of Amanda's projects.


Anonymous said...


Chris, can you publish more of this lady?